Review: Going Home

Going Home (Hearth and Home Prequel)Going Home by Mychael Black
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Robbie Sexton is a tattoo artist that is having trouble finding work in the city and upon hearing about the death of his emotionally distant father, he decides to move home to Alabama.

While this is a shorter story (25 pages) it packs a punch, both figuratively and literally. Robbie arrives in Alabama the day before his father’s funeral and in the span of a few hours, he’s had a fight with his brother, a sexual encounter with a smoking hot cowboy, and come out to all family and friends, most especially his mother.

It’s a full day for Robbie and it’s not over. I don’t want to give away the entire story and trust me, there is more to come, but even with all the action that seems to go on, this is an engaging story. It feels very much an introduction to the characters, the setting and ultimately potential challenges. There are three more books in this series staring these men so this book slides in perfectly as your welcome to their world.

I had some problems with the speed of the relationship and their sexual choices, lack of protection that quick was a bit jarring from how Robbie and the cowboy, Seth, were portrayed. However, I like the author’s voice and his cowboy was aptly nicknamed as a Sun God, he truly stole the scenes.

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