Review: The Powers of Love

The Powers of Love (The Powers of Love, #1)The Powers of Love by J.M. Snyder

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The concept of superheroes living amongst everyday people is one that never fails to intrigue and entice readers. Your neighbor who could be your savior has been delighting since Superman was a reporter and Spiderman was a college student. Matt and Vic slide in perfectly with some great company, and although this is a stand-alone title, there are endless possibilities to the world Snyder creates.

Vic is a bus driver with a rough, alpha-male outwardly appearance and develops a lingering crush on a co-worker’s boyfriend, Matt. Vic is charming and honest in his attempts to create opportunities to see Matt, looking for him in the local gym, trying to ask his co-worker out to drinks in hopes of Matt being there, showing a vulnerable side at odds to the stereotype created with the shaved head, tattoo, and muscular appearance. Vic has an immediate appeal to anyone who has had a crush on someone unattainable, which makes his chance meeting and ultimate pursuit of Matt entertaining.

Matt is not an easy guy to chase either. He seems elusive at first and standoffish, leaving Vic wondering if Matt is interested in him at all. Their friendship is strictly within platonic bounds for quite a while before the resulting chemistry electrifies between two attractive, sexy men. Once Matt has made a commitment though, he throws himself in fully and with all his heart.

Unfortunately for Vic and Matt, steamy sex is not the end of all problems and Vic’s new powers lend an entirely new meaning to the phrase “consequences of sex”. Lucky for Matt, Vic is focused on him and their love, not willing to give up someone he’s worked so hard to finally have. What’s a little floating and increased strength when you have someone as sexy and loveable as Matt in your life?

The hint of a back-story and some intriguing new powers of Vic’s, round out an incredibly entertaining story. In a cross between a comic book and a romantic love story, Snyder has combined both skillfully, leaving you wanting more. Thankfully there are several more books in the series, starting next with “Matching Tats,” then “The Bonds of Love” and finally, “With this Ring.”

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