Review: Asher And The Elevator Romp

Asher And The Elevator Romp (Asher, #1)Asher And The Elevator Romp by Zoe Nichols
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Asher and his boyfriend Derek are heading out for a night of fun, all dressed up with plenty of places to go. Asher has on his best skirt and heels, knowing he looks like a million bucks. He’s teasing Derek unmercifully and the two boys make it as far as the elevator, but will this pair ever make it out of the hotel to get to their party?


I decided to buy several sips from authors I had so far, not read. Sips from Torquere Press are fun because they’re super short, take all of 10 min to read but they introduce you to an author. If I like a sip, I tend to like the author. So I saw two sips from Zoe Nichols staring the same characters and grabbed both.

Asher is a charming doll from his outfit to his outrageous personality. He’s described so perfectly as:

“Tiny feet, tiny hands, tiny fingers. The only thing really big about me was my mouth, my dick, and my attitude.”

Well that certainly is very true. Asher is five foot three inches but what he lacks in height, he more than makes up for in personality and attitude. Asher and Derek are getting ready for a party and Asher’s outfit is unbelievable. It’s sexy, its hot and while it’s a skirt, there simply is no question that Asher is all male. Derek is a delicious counterpoint at six feet four inches and knows how to diffuse Asher’s bitchy temper.

With common complaints lately about men in m/m erotica being simply female roles changed with a few male bits, Nichols offers up a male that could easily have fallen into that category but instead gives him and his boyfriend just enough charm and personality that it’s neither obnoxious or ill fitting. At times Asher’s attitude could slide into strident but Derek’s growly ease at which he diffuses it keeps Asher from being a caricature.

With Asher’s outrageous outfit and Derek’s sexy growl, the two make it to the elevator but can’t seem to get out of it before the passion erupts between them. It was a quick, hot, sexy scene that thankfully wasn’t sex from the first word to the last. The sex was scorching but it still managed to give you enough insight into the characters to make them real.

As always with sips I like, it’s too short! That, of course, is the curse and blessing of them. Due to the brevity, the characters are only a glimpse with just enough to whet your appetite, making me glad I had the second one to turn to.

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