Slight change

Hi everyone,

I hate to do this but there’s been a slight change to my LJ address so old links won’t work. Please update the new links! The new address is:

Sorry to put everyone through this, the few who really care. It should still show up just fine on all the friends lists and so on. The reasoning is that “someone” found my journal and thought it would be a hilarious joke to pass it around. Now, in and of itself – who cares? However, some of these people had no idea and it’s caused me some embarrassment. Which of course was the main goal and all that so cheers.  

While part of me thinks again.. so what? Doesn’t everyone read gay smut? Well they should..
Another part of me is uneasy knowing this link is passed around and laughed over like its some big joke. I haven’t tried to hide it before and if you look at the link, it’s not like I’m taking extreme measures to hide it. I just think another layer to go digging for dirt is enough – most won’t bother. 

If those that found me before go so far as to do so again – have fun! I made one change, won’t do it again. If you can’t see what’s fucking hot about two guys getting it on then I feel sorry for you. BTW spell check before spreading nasty rumors and emails. It looks more “professional.”

Back to your regularly scheduled programs! 

9 thoughts on “Slight change

  1. You go girl! I think you did the right thing. Those people who think it’s ‘funny’ don’t deserve to get to read your journal. And they are the ones missing out for sure!
    *off to read more fucking hot stories about two guys gettin’ it on*

  2. If the perp was a guy, then I’m betting he actually likes the cock, and this was unsettling to him in that it would allude you have better gaydar than the average person and he might be found out.
    Totally a defense mechanism.

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