What factors into your buying?

 Ok I’m taking this week off from my publisher cost analysis due to being home sick all week and lack of motivation while sick but I do promise to continue next week. In lieu of that post but still in conjunction with cost analysis and benefit to consumers, I’m curious about the buying habits of readers.


Looking at the various offerings of publishers there is anything from a 2500 word 5 minute story to epic long 150,000 word sagas and the corresponding prices of $1 to $8. So when you’re off shopping for your next e-book, what influences you?

Let’s leave aside the basics off the plot or genre because of course those are going to be factored in but what about the other tangibles?

What about publisher, author, cover, length, cost, blurb, excerpt? These must factor in – or do they?

Out of curiosity, I’ve devised a poll below to try to gauge the importance of factors when buying books.  No doubt I’ve left off your *perfect* choice so please feel free to vote and leave comments! 

This is my first poll with LJ and I put the results so that I could see and unfortunately you can’t edit the poll once you finish (unless someone can tell me) so I will be sure to reveal the results ASAP.



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