It’s Friday! Coming up…

Hi all! It’s Friday!!! I’m so happy it’s Friday and a weekend and Halloween weekend I could dance. But I won’t since I’m a horrible dancer. Anyway, I have a couple more reviews coming up. Tomorrow check out the review of a new young adult book called “Twilight Gods” that I’d love to have some comments on.


In other news, do you know that the entire month of November, All Romance Ebooks (ARe) is fulfilling wishes? Every day in Novemeber, ARe will buy one user’s wishlist. Just like that. Christmas certainly has come early and to enter for that day’s drawing you simply need to buy a book. I mean seriously, how many of you out there DON’T buy 7 books a week? So maybe space it out and get entered into the drawing. Don’t forget to make your wishlist though!


I think this is a really neat contest and here is the official email from ARe if you didn’t get it.


Want to win all the books on your wish list?


ARe turns 3 in November and we’ll celebrate by making your wishes come true!


Every day in November we will choose a winner at random from that day’s purchasers and buy them the books they have on their wish list. *


To participate simply fill your account wish list with books you’d like to read (be sure to log in first) and then every day that you’ve made a purchase, you’ll be eligible to win.


So what are you waiting for? Head to your All Romance/OmniLit account and start making out your wish list so we can make your wishes come true!


*up to $100.00 per customer


Also coming up on Monday is my publisher pricing report (a few days late) but this one is fascinating. Cocktease helped me out and suggested Loose Id and wow! I think you’ll be really surprised about this result, I know I was. It was also tough looking at their backlist and seeing a bunch of interesting titles and covers that drew my eye. Attracted to the pretty and shiny, even if I know it’ll be bad? Yea that’s me.  I still covet several books off their backlist. But be sure to check back for their pricing breakdown on Monday – it’s incredible.


Also next week is my analysis of the poll I did 2 weeks ago. I was curious about buying habits and the answers were very interesting. They prompted to do a little more research and the results of which you’ll see next week. Sure to be a packed first week of November! If you haven’t voted in the poll, you still can HERE!


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