What do you like in your blurb?

Today it was my turn in the opinion piece over at Three Dollar Bill so I’m asking for a little reader participation. The topic of question is what do you like to see in your blurbs? How much information or what information? So if you have an opinion on the all important blurb – please pop on over and leave a comment.

Also this week we have four reviews up.
My reviews are Bashed by Rick Reed (which got some interesting comments) and Hero by Perry Moore. Both are good books and worth reading, though I adored Hero.

Emily did a review of a transgender sci-fi anthology that sounds fascinating and also a Noble Romance new release. Be sure to look at those.

So far we’ve gotten a great response and several review requests. I also have a bunch of recommendations and have started to use my points from paperbookswap to get some books. So look for some older titles in gay lit to show up soon.

As always, feedback of any kind is welcome and encouraged!
Have a good weekend!

One thought on “What do you like in your blurb?

  1. I’m catching up on a lot of things after working an exhausting part-time job for the past few weeks, and I just wanted to say I really like the layout and intention of TDB Reviews, and I wish you every success in the venture. 🙂

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