We want you!


As I’m buried under snow here, I thought I’d remind people that we’re looking for some reviewing help over on Three Dollar Bill Reviews. In the few weeks we’ve been open, we’ve been flooded with review requests. Both Emily and I are so ecstatic over the response but quickly realized that we could use some help. We don’t want authors to wait too long for reviews nor do we want to lose sight of those books we’ve always wanted to read/review.

So we’re looking for anyone interested in reading LGBT fiction. We’re pretty flexible on what someone would like to read but please be willing to read lesbian or gay fiction that is not only the latest erotic romance. We’ve gotten requests for a lot of great, off the beaten track books (so to speak). The post with more information is HERE!

I also have a review for a western book – Common Sons by Ronald Donaghe. As well as a "gay furry romance" about a tiger and a fox that fall in love in Out of Position by Kyell Gold. Definitely check that one out.

I’m in the process of x-posting my reviews to GoodReads, and Amazon if I remember. So sorry if anyone follows me and gets spammed. I’m trying not to do too much at once :D.

2 thoughts on “We want you!

  1. It’s wonderful what y’all are trying to do, and I’m cheering you on muchly from my side of the kinky kiddie pool. Things like this make me wish I could change the way I review books, but…aint gonna happen.

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