It’s Friday … so win a free book!

Hi all, Happy Friday!

I recently had a really interesting discussion about genre purity on this blog that led to a new author letting me give one of her books away. It’s always fun that someone thinks I have readers! All four of you well bribed and liquored up to keep reading. But for those extra lurkers that do exist, here’s your chance to get a FREE brand new book AND in whatever format you want. You really can’t beat that!

THEN on top of that, this is a particular book that’s gotten rave reviews and even I want to read it. This does break the trend that I usually only give away older, beloved books but I think a lot will want this enticing new offering. 

Special Delivery by Heidi Cullinan

Sam Keller knows he’ll never find the excitement he craves in Middleton, Iowa—not while he’s busting his ass in nursing school and paying rent by slaving away in a pharmacy stockroom. But before his mother died, he promised her he’d grow up to be a good man, so he needs a stable career and a good husband, not a dead-end job and empty sex.

Then Sam meets Mitch Tedsoe, an independent trucker who makes a delivery to a shop across the alley. Innocent flirting quickly leads to an affair, and when Mitch offers to take Sam on a road trip west, Sam jumps at the chance for adventure with his fantasy man… but Mitch also comes with a past. A threesome with the other man in Mitch’s life would have been just another kinky ride, but somewhere between the Mississippi River and the Colorado Rockies, Sam falls in love.

But can a relationship born out of escape and indulgence become something that lasts? Will a fantasy man be willing to settle down into reality, or is the adventure and excitement Sam finds with Mitch just another stop on a delivery man’s journey? For better or for worse, eventually Sam is going to discover the answer, because no matter how far away he travels, eventually all roads lead home.

Although you should enter to get this (it’s FREE!) really should -also- pick up a copy of Hero. I reviewed this truly delightful gem today HERE and it’s worth your time and money to get a copy. 

As always the usual ways to enter apply:

– leave a comment with an email address and preferred format

– email me at

– RT on Twitter the following : RT @kassa_11 to enter for a chance to win a free copy of Special Delivery by Heidi Cullinan!

6 thoughts on “It’s Friday … so win a free book!

  1. “All four of you well bribed and liquored up to keep reading.”
    You keep saying that, but I’m still waiting for the actual bribery to start.
    I’m determined to win this book. I missed out at Wave’s so count me in please.

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