What kind of book are you craving that you can’t find?

One fabulous thing about the m/m genre is that there is really wide diversity. There are stories for just about every reader from serious literature to raunchy porn and everything in between. There is urban fantasy, fantasy, sci-fi, spec fiction, cowboys, historicals, contemporaries, and on and on. There tends to be a trend in themes but overall whatever you’re craving – there is bound to be a story to fit that need.

So here’s the thing – like most people I watched the Olympics with a deep fascination. I’ve no clue what snowboard cross is (well I do now) or how dangerous downhill skiing was but I watched with an almost sick obsession as these elite athletes hurled themselves through freezing elements in pursuit of greatness.

Not to mention – A LOT wore skintight onesies. I mean I’m sorry but hello. Tam and a few other readers posted some pictures of hottie Olympians which was delicious eye candy. While I never turn down eye candy, I’m craving something a little more in depth.

I’d love to see some more elite athlete m/m books. By this I don’t mean the Sean Michael trend of an injured athlete on the mend with a lot of sex. Those books are fun but I’d love to read a book that really gets into the sport and speculates on how these athletes maybe manage relationships while training 24/7/365. I’d love to read some stories with a deep sense of setting and purpose, getting into the real details of how often these athletes train, what their daily regime is like, how they work through pain, and of course throw some romance and hot sex in. I’d be so sold. It doesn’t have to be a perfect reflection, I can take a fantasy too!

I mean look at speed skating or short track. What if two opponents had the hots for each other and those suits don’t hide much! I mean I can think of both serious and comic affects of athletes in those suits getting distracted by a hot body. Hell what about swimmers? I’ll just leave that thought right there.

There are a lot of athletic themed books but so few get into the elite athlete mentality and lifestyle. I’d really love to see some m/m books about Olympic caliber men that aren’t injured but in the thick of their career, perhaps at the top or maybe on the bottom, maybe they’re struggling to break into the ranks or on their way out clinging to last hope for glory. That’s what I’d like to see more of.

What about you? What themes would you love to see?

13 thoughts on “What kind of book are you craving that you can’t find?

  1. I would totally read m/m set among world-class athletes! Boxing, too. That’s one of my favorite sports (to watch, not do, ha, ha!). I also would like more m/m military stories, but ones actually set in combat situations, especially involving the Vietnam War. Most military stories that I can find are set back in civilian life with the characters suffering PTSD and trying to readjust. Or there are a few set in peacetime military, which is interesting, but not quite what I’m talking about. There’s a new writer Gwenna Sebastian who is coming out with a Vietnam War m/m this June from Lyrical Press. I’m looking forward to it!

    • PD, what kind of bicycle racers? On the road like Amstrong? I can’t imagine them wanting to have sex after 200+ km on a saddle with the same comfort level as a wooden beam, having their balls crushed at the same time as well.

      • Hehe, it would be a bit of a challenge, wouldn’t it? But I can tell you without fear or favor that a guy who’s just done a fifty mile (83km) push only needs a few hours to get interested again and there are plenty of races that aren’t the three week ordeals a la Tour de France.

  2. I know that the market is supposedly so over-saturated with them, but I want more werewolf books. Really, I do. I don’t know why. I can’t explain it. I don’t read much paranormal or fantasy books usually, but there’s something about werewolves in romance (the whole mate thing…primitive recognition of your destiny–total guilty pleasure, I know). BUT…I want a m/m werewolf book with good writing, no insta-love, REAL conflict, and no vampires. Oh, and a strong sense of family (another thing I love about werewolf stories: their packs). Maybe I’m not looking in the right places, but I can only think of maybe a couple books that fit that bill.
    I’d also like to see m/m covert ops books. Maybe some m/m political thriller with big business/govt conspiracy and search for the truth at all costs.
    Oh! And since you asked (I bet you’re sorry you did!) I’d like to see a m/m romance set in the world of horse-racing. I think there’s so much there for a compelling story.

    • I just read a story from Torquere set in horse racing – Midnight Dalliance- but the entire horse competition setting is introduced then ignored since its a short story. So much potential wasted likely due to length restrictions or whatever but I agree with you on the topic.
      I’m always a fan of good werewolf stories but I get sick of instant love. As if recognizing your mate means you’re in love with them. I don’t get that nor really respond to that idea a lot so werewolf books tend to lose me there.
      I can’t get enough of m/m covert ops or military books so I’m in total agreement.
      I’m hoping this topic may spark some ideas! *greedy*

  3. As if recognizing your mate means you’re in love with them. I don’t get that nor really respond to that idea a lot so werewolf books tend to lose me there.
    Yes! This, exactly. Personally, I think the whole mate thing functions (or should function) much in the same way as a marriage of convenience plot device. Two people bound together who may feel the pull of attraction but still need to figure things out. See if they can figure things out, and maybe fall in love with a previously unlikely person. The mate thing is a link, but I want to seem them fall in love amidst real conflict. Most of the m/m shifter books I’ve read have instant love and no real conflict…so I’m always waiting for someone to write me a great wolf shifter story!

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