Hope everyone is having a great weekend. If you missed any of the reviews over on Three Dollar Bill, there are two from me. One is a beautiful, touching story about friendship and love. And one is a raunchy and delightful comic. They couldn’t be more different yet still great. There are a couple of lesbian titles also reviewed that got high marks. 

XOXO Hayden by Chris Corkum
Nightlife by Dale Lazarov and Bastian Jonsson

There’s also a discussion on whether readers/authors like to have their reviews spread out like we’re doing (one a day) or just several at a time. All opinions welcome! With TDB so new, we get to make changes as situations come up. Right now we’re able to produce more than one review a day yet don’t want to overwhelm anyone. So all opinions and thoughts are very helpful. 

Reviews all at once or spread out?

As always we’re looking for more reviews of any kind! Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, whatever letter of the alphabet soup you’re interested in reading and reviewing, we’re looking for you. If you’re interested please send an email to

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