Happy April

Since I’m being lazy today, if you want to read my review of No Fear (Conquest #2) by SJ Frost you can read it HERE on jessewave’s site or HERE on goodreads.

I’ve been thinking for some time of uploading my reviews to Goodreads only instead of live journal and good reads. I think most people are over on GR and frankly I like the layout much better, it’s easier, and although I think I know I have a lot of lurkers reading my reviews here, they can easily read them on GR.

So a quick poll to see if people care:

Also you really! should check out Charles Stross’ Blog today where he talks about his new release with Harlequin: Unicorn School The Sparkling.

11 thoughts on “Happy April

  1. Well, I’m on both, so I don’t mind and I’ve just sent you a friending request on Goodreads so I can follow your reviews on there if you decide to stick to that one.
    When I pull my finger out and actually review something on GR I tend to just use the “share on your blog” code it generates to create an LJ post quickly, which is probably a lazy option, but works for me.

    • *gasp* i had no idea. There’s a pre-made code GR will do for you?
      That may have made life easier and i’ll continue posting here…
      Thank you, thank you thank you. I owe you for clueing me in!

      • Cool, didn’t realise you didn’t know. It shows up once you’ve done your rewiew, as “share on your blog” or something. All you have to do is paste it in and put in an LJ cut if it’s long. It puts up a picture of the cover and can be clicked through to Goodreads, making it nice and easy for other GR users to hop straight over and add it to their To Read list if they want to.

    • I don’t know if I will Val, just sort of feeling things out. I feel kind of weird being here on LJ when most are on blogspot and since I post copies of my reviews on Goodreads, I also dont want to spam anyone you know?
      Just trying to figure out what’s the best and easiest for all.
      But now that I know you can get a journal code from goodreads… ooo that could make LJ SO much easier.
      So, still deciding : D.
      Thank you for always taking the time to comment. You’re so generous.

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