Three Dollar Bill Reviews Update

Not sure about anyone else but my summer is incredibly busy! Between moving, vacations, and simply things to do .. reading time has dramatically decreased. Plus I just picked up The Passage, which is 800 pages. I can’t wait to have sleepless nights and fear the scary vamps in the dark again but it also means that it’s about that time again…

We over at Three Dollar Bill Reviews are looking for a few new victims… err readers actually. We have a bunch of fun book requests that I wish I had time to read and review in a timely manner. So once again we’re putting out the call if anyone is interested in reviewing, please contact us. It’s a low level commitment – 1 or 2 reviews a month – and you can read anything from our review list, publishers we work with, or even your own backlog list.

So if anyone isn’t insanely busy or you just love piling on the books, please email us at  

You’re just our kind of people.

3 thoughts on “Three Dollar Bill Reviews Update

  1. Oh, gosh, I wish I could! Let me see how it looks around further down the road in August. If you still need reviewers then and you wouldn’t mind me doing maybe 1 per month, maybe I could.
    (I want to start reading The Passage, too! I have a copy.)
    Great illustration for this post, by the way!

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