Review: A Rose is a Rose

A Rose is a RoseA Rose is a Rose by Jet Mykles
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A Rose is a Rose is another gay for you theme with a delicious, fluttery main character from Jet Mykles. The story hits many highlights for fans with the familiar trope, witty and steamy writing, and an adorable narrator. Unfortunately this story isn’t my favorite of Mykles and the romance never quite works for me but the novella is easy, light, and thoroughly entertaining.

Carson is a beautiful young man that’s used to having men take care of him. When his latest boyfriend reveals he has no interest in taking their relationship further, Carson breaks it off. However Carson soon realizes just how much he relied on his ex for food, rent, and basic living; not to mention the sparkly and pretty lifestyle Carson’s become accustomed to. An attraction sparks between Carson and his building’s superintendent but Carson’s not sure he can entirely give up his lifestyle.

Carson is the third person narrator and his “hooker with a heart of gold” persona is very entertaining. He’s been raised by a beautiful woman that taught him men were good for protection and companionship. Carson makes a habit of hooking up with handsome rich men that know the score and don’t mind supporting Carson and his sparkly desires. Carson comes across as honest and self effacing as he realizes that he’s slightly lazy and more than willing to live off the generosity of patrons. As such, he soon decides he doesn’t want to take advantage of Eddie, his superintendent that’s turned gay just for the stunning redhead. Because of this Carson struggles with trying to pay his bills, a burgeoning new relationship with a man totally unlike anyone else he’s been with, and the lurking desire to just give in and find someone new to take care of him.

The conflict is nicely spaced and constructed so you really understand Carson’s issues. He’s not exactly an angel but he’s not horrible either. He’s flawed and doesn’t really change by the end of the story but starts to support himself. This pseudo change is somewhat weak and very unlikely to be a lasting change but Carson does learn what real love is. Unfortunately I never really believed Carson and Eddie’s relationship and the chemistry just seemed off. I honestly could believe Anthony (Carson’s rich ex) and Carson together more. Part of the point I think is to throw this unusual and opposites attract couple together and contrast their relationship with the slick, easy but empty one of the prior.

Part of the issue is that Eddie is very limited in the context of the story. He’s a quiet, capable man that adores Carson and is happy simply being with him. There’s very little offered about Eddie since the focus is on Carson and Carson is rather self absorbed. Not in a way that will annoy readers or turn them off his adorable personality but more so that it leaves Eddie very little page space to actually develop and exist. So I couldn’t really buy into the big love of the story. That said, the writing is very typical of Mykles and the story is pretty enjoyable regardless. I think fans will definitely want to get this one.

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