Friday Follow

Once again I’m invoking a Friday Follow blog style. Two weeks ago I featured Cup O Porn, which is a fabulous little blog combining gorgeous porn (if a bit slanted by Aden Jaric pictures) and some delicious coffee posts. If you missed it, check out my #ff of that blog here.

This week  I’m going to feature one of my all time favorite fashion and gossip blogs: Tom and Lorenzo.

I found this fabulous little blog way back when it was simply a chatty (and very catty) recap site for Project Runway. Tom and Lorenzo are a married gay couple that have a great sense of fashion and incredible wit. They’re wry, ironic, and completely bitchy without ever being mean. They manage to say exactly what they’re thinking and often in humorous ways but you never walk away thinking they were cruel. This is the kind of entertainment that I think most bloggers wish they could pull off.

The duo have expanded from Project Runway to encompass more fashion and pop culture in general. They recap tons of shows, everything from Glee to RuPaul’s Drag Show and they feature red carpet fashion, magazine editorials, and random pictorials. They update several times a day so really there is quite a bit to page through.

Tom and Lorenzo is easily one of my first go to sites of the day so check ’em out!

6 thoughts on “Friday Follow

  1. Tam says:

    LOL Poor Marie. Although there are a lot worse choices than Aden. 🙂

    Have you watched RuPaul’s Drag show Kassa? I just recently got Out on cable but I’ve never watched it. Is it worthwhile?

    • I actually haven’t watched it. I don’t get Out TV, which sucks. If I cave and get National Geographic (which is really tempting) I get Out thrown in. So I can get my wildlife and then gays in the wild too.

      I’ve read the recaps once or twice and it seems mildly entertaining but I can’t say for sure. You should watch it and let us know!

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