GayRomLit – Who’s going?

So this weekend the registration for the Gay Romance Lit convention opened up and a bunch of us rushed to be first (there’s a prize I hear)… ok I made that up. But several of us did sign up. Since I missed yaoi-con last year (gaming convention over porn, terrible terrible decision I shall never make again) I’m especially excited to have a specific m/m gathering. Tons of authors – some of whom I’ll hide from – but even more I can’t wait to meet. I know it’s terribly far out, who can plan now for October, but perhaps this will also get some people thinking and considering going. I hear there will be strippers and porn.

I may have made that up to but it seems likely though.

So who else is going!

15 thoughts on “GayRomLit – Who’s going?

  1. Me me me. God, gaming over porn. I’m shocked by your lack of judgement Kassa. πŸ˜›

    I wasn’t sure I was going until Kris got the ball rolling and then my kid said I could go alone (we almost ALWAYS travel together) as long as I bring her beignets home. πŸ™‚

    • I never said I had the best judgement sometimes! I am making the right choice now. (I don’t understand why everything has conventions in Oct. popular month!).

      I’m all about bringing beignets home. I can taste the powdered sugar already.

  2. Marie Sexton says:

    I hope I’m not one of the authors you’re planning to hide from! Looking forward to meeting you and to seeing Tam and Chris again!

  3. Eden Winters says:

    I’m also an author who’ll be there that I hope you won’t hide from. Whoot! Tam, Kris, and Chris are coming too! Too bad Chris can’t bring my favorite kitties. I’m a huge fan of Chaos and Mayhem. I look forward to meeting ya’ll!

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