Review: Putting Out Fires

Putting Out Fires (Coda #5)Putting Out Fires by Marie Sexton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Putting Out Fires is a short story featuring the main characters from Promises and cameos from those in A to Z. You definitely don’t need to read the prior books to understand and appreciate the story offered here but fans of the series will delight in revisiting favorite characters in a familiar setting. The typical guy behavior about the holiday offers some nice humor mixed with tons of romance. This is easily worth reading and I think will be a big hit with romance fans.

As the blurb states this short is told from Matt’s first person perspective as he tries to plan a perfect Valentine’s Day for Jared. Jared makes an off hand comment about feeling unappreciated and combined with a co-worker’s impending divorce Matt is freaked. He’s determined to make the day nice for Jared except he has no idea what to do. They’re laid back kind of guys, not really Valentine’s Day celebrators. The story is very cute and offers a fun twist on the typical holiday.

Although Matt ends up making an absolute mess of things, the love and romance is front and center. Matt thinks back to how he met Jared and although he does reflect somewhat on all the reasons the two are in love, it’s more the quiet actions and comments that show that. This is where the romance really comes across. There is so much chemistry and spark between the two that the short story feels sensual even without any sex at all. The idea that a kiss on the neck is more sexual than a make out session offers that delicious subtly to erotica that doesn’t always involve graphic sex. Though if you want more, check out the previous books for hot sex.

The story is too short to do more than entice fans. Either you’re a fan and enjoy a look back or those new to the series may be intrigued enough to pick it up. As such the style of writing and dialogue is very true to the characters and books. Don’t miss this quick gem.

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6 thoughts on “Review: Putting Out Fires

  1. I love this series – I can’t wait for the next full length book – the author mentioned it will be set in Paris and “finishes off” Angelo and Zach’s story but it also features Cole & Jonathon (who have actually become my favourite – Strawberries for Dessert stayed with me for days and days.

    Did you read the free short of “The Promise” available from the author? That was a lovely surprise. 🙂

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