Friday Follow

Continuing the snarky trend of websites, today’s is Go Fug Yourself.

The Fug girls are a duo that are snarky, witty, and out to criticize. They’re funny too and comment on style mostly. They even have a book coming out. Though I’ll admit the book sounds like the usual snark fare, it could be entertaining.

What I like about the site is its easy, popcorn reading. They update way too much (IMO) I can’t ever keep up with sites that do but their twitter commentary is always worth a laugh and the posts I do read are pretty funny. I’m not sure I always “get” style or the various rules about why one celebrity is cute or Fug, but I do like a witty person that wants to comment on it. I find they’re at their best during awards shows. ‘Tis the season!

2 thoughts on “Friday Follow

  1. Tam says:

    I like that website as well. After a big awards show I liked to see what they think of the dresses and if I line up. I like that they aren’t ALL negative, that they give people credit (especially those who usually fail epically) when they pull something off. They aren’t afraid to say “you look great” even if most of the time they are criticizing (usually with good cause).

    • Absolutely. I like when they can’t decide either. Is it cute or not? They also seem to have an incredible memory. They pull up similar items that seem like a needle in a haystack but they remember.

      But you’re right, they do praise just as much as they criticize so its a nice balanced and funny site.

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