Review: Trifecta

TrifectaTrifecta by Kate Sherwood
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Trifecta is a nice, sexy ménage that has some incredibly hot sex scenes and a pseudo believable relationship resolution. I didn’t really buy into it, nowhere near as much as the Dark Horse series by the same author. However those that like m/m/m romances should appreciate this offering, especially since there is an abundance of sex to help smooth over the rough parts. Those that are iffy on ménage may not appreciate this one since the main couple essential cheat on each other with the same young man before deciding to stay together and make a threesome.

The story revolves around Tyler, a handsome young man with a knack for horses and not much direction. He first gets involved with Mark, a pilot newly out of a marriage with two teenager daughters. Mark and Alistair are in a committed long term relationship but since they’re both tops, they are free to find anonymous empty sex elsewhere, usually when Mark is out of town on work. After Alistair walks in on Mark and Tyler’s one night stand, Alistair and Tyler take up together. It sounds complicated but it’s not as both Mark and Alistair have a sexual encounters with Tyler, leading to the predictable resolution of a threesome.

The plot is not as complicated as it sounds and actually it’s a testament to the good writing that the various connections and encounters seem natural and real. There is very little obvious manipulation going on between the main three men. Tyler’s burgeoning relationship with Alistair and sexual chemistry with Mark seem genuine and it’s easy to see why he’d want to be with both men. Likewise it’s obvious the older men are intrigued and smitten by Tyler with his good looks, charm, and warm heart.

What didn’t work so well is the main relationship between Mark and Alistair. Since the story is mainly told from Tyler’s perspective or revolves around the individual relationships with Tyler, very little is shown of Mark and Alistair together. The narration shifts between all three men with their third person POV but we’re only ever told how much in love Mark and Alistair are, we’re never shown. So I couldn’t get a grasp on their relationship except that it clearly was in trouble, going stale and perhaps these two wouldn’t stay together without the infusion of Tyler. This unfortunately makes the story somewhat uncomfortable to read because I didn’t feel Mark and Alistair were deeply in love and happy.

Their relationship is in trouble and when Alistair starts up with Tyler, it feels like cheating. Sure Mark and Alistair have an open relationship but he spends so much time and energy craving and wanting Tyler that Alistair even admits he didn’t want Mark to return, he just wanted Tyler. Most of this is in long introspective paragraphs and thus makes the threesome feel more like two two-somes with cheating going on. It’s uncomfortable and never feels like an equal relationship all around. I really wish there had been more emphasis on the initial relationship and showing that to be strong as I can’t imagine this threesome will work out at all.

There are several side plots going on such as Mark’s bitchy ex-wife that turns on a dime, the horse situation with Tyler and his ex-boss, Tyler’s money situation, and the general differences between the men. Most of these are resolved pretty easily, introduced each time as a source of tension and conflict. I think there is enough natural tension between the three men and their complicated relationship to have carried the story without the outside influences. These additions aren’t bad in any way but are easily solved which takes away most of their impact. Again not bad and for those fans of m/m/m – especially those that like lots of sex – I think this story could really satisfy.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Trifecta

  1. I am a big fan of m/m/m but I hate when it’s just sex sex sex as well. I need more meat, um, you know, character development. *blush* I prefer the concept of two happy together who bring in a third or who all meet at once rather than this scenario. It does seem a bit like the third is a tack-on to heal an ailing relationship. I’ll keep it in mind if I’m graving extra body parts but I might wait a bit before I decide to invest.

    • Kassa says:

      Well I will say this has more depth than sex, sex, sex. However I never got the feeling of a happy couple adding a third. This isn’t bad but honestly I liked the author’s Dark Horse series much better (that’s also m/m/m). I’d recommend those stories first.

  2. di says:

    With this one and the Dark Horse books, I felt like there was a lot about the individual characters, but not them working as a trio…beyond the sex. If that makes any sense…

    I do like this author’s writing, but I’m never left really believing they all are going to be together for very long.

    • Yes, very astute. There is a lot of individual development but very little group dynamic. You’re right that it happened in Dark Horse too. That one I got caught up in the narrator so I didn’t mind but when this time some of the main narrators ARE the couple, I wanted to see their relationship.

      I agree that this isn’t a trio that can last sadly.

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