Friday Follow – Cris Art

A few weeks ago Kris posted a fabulous piccie on her tumblr and I was curious about the artist. A little help from @rainonroof and @dalelazarovXXX and the artist was exposed to be Cris. If you haven’t poked through this artist’s website the you’re seriously missing out. She’s a fanartist and apparently has a comic though I haven’t found it yet. I love the artwork though. It’s gorgeous, colorful, and very very yummy. She does some great comic and super hero work (a weakness of mine). I highly recommend everyone go drool over her sites.

Cris-art Tumblr

Cris-art Deviant Art



6 thoughts on “Friday Follow – Cris Art

  1. It was only after Sarah and Dale told me who she was that I realised exactly how much of her artwork I had ganked. LOL. She is awesome.

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