Friday Follow – Dreaming Reviews

I’m not sure how I discovered this gem but I think it was from following someone’s comment on twitter (he’s @DreamingReviews) who commented on someone else who referred someone else and so on ’til Dreaming in Books came up. He’s a YA blogger and I think pretty young (though not sure on his exact age). He’s intelligent though, articulate, and pretty well read. He has broad tastes and right now he’s doing a LGBTQ Voice week. He’s reviewing only LGBTQ books, interviewing the authors, giving away books and highlighting the entire genre.

When I first discovered his reviews I was impressed with what he picked up, the nuances that stood out for him and even more so with this celebration week. It’s extensive and thorough and make sure you pop over and see what’s going on then stay for a while and follow the blog.

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