Review: With The Band

With The BandWith The Band by L.A. Witt
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for band stories. They may not be everyone’s thing but I do love a good drama among sexy rockers (or wannabe rockers). With the Band plays on that as two members of an up and coming band get together, something that is sure to cause havoc among the tight knit group. The drama is mostly well played with a few very obvious manipulations. The story lost me on the resolution though as honestly it feels weak and too easy. This is a common issue when books build up the tension and conflict to such a fever point, then let it all wrap up in the blink of an eye. 200 pages of tension to be resolved in 5 pages just ends the book on a sour note for me. However, other than that and a few other issues, the story is easy to read and pretty satisfying.

The story starts with Aaron returning home after his successful band in LA broke up due to relationship drama. Dating the guitarist sent both Aaron and the band on a downward spiral and he’s licking his wounds back home. Aaron’s brother and sister play in an up and coming rock band with a pair of brothers and they need a lead singer. Aaron is perfect for the job and the only rule they have is no dating in the band. This should be pretty easy since most are related to each other or in a relationship. Yet Aaron and Bastian can’t stop their chemistry and more importantly, don’t want to. However when their relationship is inevitably exposed, the band’s reaction is anything but supportive.

The story is pretty typical of any band-related romance and the characters and plot stay firmly within predictable lines. The two men meet, have tons of sex, think about sex, conspire to have sex, worry about being caught then have more sex all the while the band is catching on and may be a hit. Despite the rather one dimensional plot, the writing and characters stay interesting and keep you reading the story. It may not be the most original but the familiar themes will please fans looking for an easy read. The book does stumble a few times with the pacing and repetition since the same conversations seem to happen over and over. Aaron worries about coming clean to the band while Bastian isn’t ready to come out and the various band members all joke about dating within the band being disastrous.

Similarly the band name is a bit of an annoyance. Bastian and his brother are German and name the band accordingly but it’s a jarring band name and I just couldn’t see a name like that sticking to any kind of up and coming band in the US. Other than those few issues the story sails along with some good tension and conflict. The band finding out about the relationship is inevitable as is their reaction but the story tries to focus on the emotions of the men. The method used to “out” the couple is highly manipulative and obvious, especially since that problem disappears once and for all after that. Additionally, the ending is rushed and the resolution way too easy considering all the build up.

Yet the characters are likable and the sex scenes are varied, plentiful, and pretty hot. The story is entertaining and easy to read and fans of the author will definitely enjoy this one. The story isn’t perfect and this isn’t one I’d read again but the epilogue gives a big fat happy ending with everything resolved and good so romance fans as well should appreciate the solid finish. Overall With the Band is an enjoyable read but not a favorite.

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