Friday Follow… YA edition

As I’ve mentioned ad nauseam I really suck at keeping up with blogs. Or I keep up but don’t comment. It’s a vicious cycle. There are however a handful of blogs that I read in email (my preferred way to keep up) and I read every post as I get them. Here are two of those. They both happen to be written by young gay men. This isn’t a pervy thing (get your minds out of the gutter) because they’re YA people! But the posts are honest, refreshing and pretty entertaining. If you’re not following these two.. you should be.

The first is I’m Just Thorny..

Thorny is a young (not sure how old, 18? 19?) man that’s incredibly .. well bouncy even in his writing. I discovered him through someone on twitter because of his brief reviews of gay books he loved. Then I realized how adorable and entertaining his blog is and have been hooked ever since. He’s cute, honest, and in love with his boyfriend. Seriously is there anything else I have to say? Oh yea .. he’s a little bit kinky. Be nice though pervs, he’s young and impressionable. Corrupt slowly…

The second YA blog is 2 Boys in Love

I found this blog through Thorny and it features two high school seniors (soon to be graduating) that are in love. Ahh young love.. The focus of this blog is an honest look at how these two have made it to a year and what they think about things. I think their goal is to help other young gay couples and offer support. Either way it’s really amazing to see such articulate, intelligent, mature, and happy young men that know what they want but can still get incredibly excited and worked up over prom. We’re all jaded on this side (or is that just me?) so this blog is like a breath of fresh air.

There you have it! Today’s Friday Follow… young adult edition.

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