I’m off on a staycation. While I’m not going anywhere I’ve got a bunch of friends coming into town as well as a new boy that’s been a whirlwind in my recent life. So for the next week or more I’m away! Try not to make it too difficult to catch up and I’m sure only my three readers will notice so I’ll try to sneak some good porn in to amuse you while I’m off.

Continue to check out the author fan letter blog crawl as it’s pretty impressive so far. You don’t want to miss it!  You can pick up today’s crawl at Katiedom with her letter to Nalini Singh



10 thoughts on “Away!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed yours and got so much out of it. Here’s to hoping mine goes the same way.

      Just a new boy I met but yanno we’re in that new phase where you want to spend like every waking moment together before you get sick of each other and need a break lol.

    • omg 4.. no 5 readers! I’m blessed! New boys are a good but time consuming thing. I kind of wish they were like toys…. put ’em away when you’re busy (lol).

  1. Thank you on both fronts! I’m always happy to gain a new reader (or two!) and well old boys are just as fun. Well at least not as time consuming. I’ve got smut to read!

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