Help me pick a book…

So I’m going on vacation next week (well a mini one, the real one is in a few weeks) and I realized that the beach is of course the perfect place to read. Since I’ll be going to the beach for a few days next week and again in a few weeks this necessitates a few book purchases. I can’t wait!

The question is of course.. what to buy? Unfortunately with as busy as I’ve been, I’ve somehow missed a ton of released books. I went to the various publisher sites to see what was new but that rotates so fast I can’t keep up. Literally I’ve no clue what Loose Id published more than a week ago.

So I’m appealing to all of you lurkers and readers out in blog space. What are you super excited about, looking forward to, reading now, or can recommend. I don’t care if it’s authors pimping their own books or someone just enthused about the latest, greatest blockbuster.
I need help!
What books should I get?

16 thoughts on “Help me pick a book…

  1. Oh hi! 🙂 I’m here with recs:

    Reluctant Hope by Erin Dutton. Really raw and emotional. It’s about cancer survivors and those dealing with being left behind. (Bold Stroke) (F/F)

    Hide Out by Katie Allen. Follow up to Private Dicks, need I say more? (EC) (m/m)

    The Scientist and the Supermodel. (m/m) Sequel to Genetic Attraction (m/m/f) Wow. HOT. Just set my brain on fire hot. (Loose Id) I rec both books.

    And if you’re in the mood for any of my books, let me know. I have Landfall out, about a firefighter and a hospice nurse caught in a hurricane. And Trust In Me, about a rekindled romance.

    • Kassa says:

      Ooo thank you! Those all sound good and I’m pretty sure the Erin Dutton one came to TDB.

      I’m all about men in a uniform!

  2. HJ says:

    You like JL Merrow – have you read Sex, Lies and Edelweiss?

    Ditto Jay Bell: Language Lessons

    Have you read anything by Marie Force? – can’t see any reviews.

    Have a lovely holiday!

    • Kassa says:

      Oo I love JL Merrow and missed that one. I also have Jay Bell’s short to read.

      I haven’t read anything by Marie Force but if you recommend I’ll go looking.

  3. I just bought LA Witt’s Out of Focus because it sounded like just the sort of story I wanted right about now. No idea if it’s worth reading yet, but the reviews have been great 🙂

  4. Knight Errant and the freshly released sequel, His Faithful Squire, by K.D. Sarge are both really good.

    I agree with the Dance With Me recommendation!

    It’s not new, but Life Lessons by Kaje Harper is excellent, and the sequel just came out.

    • Kassa says:

      oooo thank you!! I hadn’t heard of your first and third suggestion (which is exactly what I was hoping to get)… I’m definitely getting those.

      Thank you!

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