I’m back!

I’m back from vacation! Miss me? Eh, probably not but just in case you have .. it’s so good to be back. Vacation was pretty good, not as warm as I’d like it (the beach in Sept, what can you really expect?) but otherwise relaxing and enjoyable. Had some family drama but surprisingly none of it involved me in any way. I just sat there chanting “still as a stone” lest I become an unwitting target. So after all that hurricane drama, car drama (mazda’s apparently break down a lot), baby drama (yes 3 month olds do have stuff to say while 3 yr olds are like parrots), and so on… much fun was had.

That said, I got zero…ZERO…reading done. Didn’t even crack open a cover. I can’t remember the last time I went 10 full days without reading ANYTHING, let alone while on vacation. I wonder if I’m coming down with something. I did get this incredibly hard “challenging” 3d castle puzzle done. I guess yay for that.

So here I am with a pile of books and tons of internet posts I haven’t even looked at and just basking in being home again. *ahh*

Hope you all enjoyed your past week and I’ll be posting again tomorrow. More Rifter series coming up! I can’t believe that serial is almost over. Is anyone as sad as I am that it’s coming to a close?




6 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Welcome back, Kassa! I missed you :).

    I am very sad that I only have 3 more parts to read before the end of the Rifter. Where has the time gone? It only seems like a few weeks rather than months since I read part one.

    • Kassa says:

      Thanks! I remember just before I left you were camping and I hoped nothing ate you (obviously not hehe).

      I know! It feels like the series has flown by. I’ll be kind of sad when it’s all said and done but at the same time, what a great experience. I hope Hale does another.

  2. Welcome back. Glad you had fun despite a few small glitches. Yeah, 10 days without reading is pretty wild. 🙂

    I really need to catch up on the Rifter. Sigh. Not sure why I faded away from it. I will, I want to. I keep getting distracted by the shiny. Bad me.

    • Kassa says:

      It’s a good series as long as you’re a sci-fi/fantasy fan. I’m really quite enjoying it but at the same time I can see how others would be somewhat bored. It’s heavy on world building and the scenes flip around quite a bit. It definitely is not to everyone’s tastes.

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