New Orleans and GRL.. finally!

After registering for this retreat ridiculously early months ago, it’s finally here! Since apparently all the other people I’m shacking up with are uber bloggers and have already been commenting and blogging (seriously, do you sleep?) I figured I had better post to keep up with the Mrs. Joneses.

Things I’ve learned after a mere few hours in the Big Easy:

  • Kris can most likely drink me under the table. There is some early evidence of such.
  • Chris does not sleep. I think the woman is a robot in human disguise.
  • Tam is an uber blogger. She blogs in her sleep! On Planes! I can’t keep up so I don’t try.
  • Sean Kennedy has a lovely singing voice (or so I’m told. I hope to hear evidence of it myself soon.)
  • He does however rock my world because I have lovely personalized autographed postcards that are only slightly mangled. I’m pretty sure I can iron them.
  • Oh and Kris is VERY popular – either that or her family is deathly afraid she’ll be murdered by us. But we’re harmless of course. *cough*

That’s it for now. Tonight is the GRL registration and MLR meet and greet. Hmm, considering MLR banned me from their reviewers list I wonder if they’ll block me from the party. You think? Won’t it be fun to find out. Can’t wait.. I’m bringing back up, who will most likely laugh at me and take pictures.

Oh and Kris.. your phone won’t stop ringing. Answer it please!


*edit : This is what I mean! Janna (whom I’m very excited to meet later today) is ALREADY blogging! Check it out...

9 thoughts on “New Orleans and GRL.. finally!

    • I wish you were here too!! Your absence is keenly noted and missed. (We talk about you nonstop, in all positive ways of course).

      As for the cards, well I think they got stuck between the Zombies in Love book and her legos. So they’re a lil wrinkly but I’ll frame them and cherish them anyway. Thank you!! *hug*

  1. Sounds like you’re all enjoying yourselves! Wish I could be there with you.

    Keep us posted about the MLRP event. I’m dying to know whether you get thrown out. Hmmmm, I wonder if they have bouncers already primed with a sheet of people who are ‘not on the list’ :).

    Have fun!

    • I wish you could have been here too. It feels incomplete without you/Sean here.

      Can you imagine my name on a list with a picture of my av? *laugh* I wonder if your lil dino would be on the list (just kidding. No one would ever ban you). I’ll take some pictures of the bouncers … oooh I hope they’ll be in costume.

  2. Everything I’ve posted so far was scheduled ahead of time…. 🙂

    I would’ve loved to see your face, Jen, when the nude and utterly bored go-go was standing disinterestedly on the bar by you. 😀

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