Here you go.. pictures!

So I still have a few more GRL posts (I believe in beating a dead horse) – these include a Meeting the Authors post and a Swag post.

But for your viewing pleasure here are some fun pics. Not surprisingly you may see similar ones on other sites.. we all whip out our cameras to the same things. I took something crazy like 100 pictures but here are just a few highlights. I mostly have a ton of pictures of us drunk at gay bars and then touristy street pictures. I’m thinking you want to see the gay bar ones more so enjoy this small sampling.

I can’t seem to embed a movie into WordPress and I’m too lazy to go figure out why, so click on this lovely link and it’ll take you to the slideshow of pictures. (Yes, another click!)

13 thoughts on “Here you go.. pictures!

  1. I had a bit of a crush on Jimmy – he was so fun and whipped up great Margaritas. Also, can my grin get any bigger?? OMG, I think my smile was almost permanantly etched on my face πŸ˜€ Great sample of photo’s Kassa!!

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