Let’s talk Holidays…


Yes, yes it’s that time again. It seems to happen oh-so fast. I’m actually a big fan of the holidays, for all of about 5 minutes. Then all the gift buying, wrapping, giving, worrying, decorating, cleaning, re-decorating, re-cleaning, and stress gets to me and I’m exhausted before it’s even November.

But that’s why there are books to escape to!

Whenever you’re sick of the real world or just can’t face the inevitable drama of the holidays, there’s always a perfect fictional world to dive into, complete with festive blowjob. Sometimes there’s even a pretty dick wrapped in a bow. Ahh, such wonderful books.

So in the theme of the upcoming holidays, what are some of your favorite holiday books to read or re-read? These don’t have to be erotica books but those suggestions are welcome and encouraged. This could also include any upcoming releases.

8 thoughts on “Let’s talk Holidays…

  1. Tam says:

    Ah, I am jealous. I wouldn’t mind a few days off and a huge turkey dinner. But I don’t want to do that cleaning, cooking thing. 🙂 Luckily (sounds awful) but I have no family here for the holidays so my kid and I get to hang out and be lazy. Okay, ex comes over, but I can deal with him for 24 hours, then it’s back to being lazy.

    Hmmm. Holiday books. Seems so many are shorts it’s hard to really pick a fave. If you want a wintery read I always enjoy Snowed In by Aile and Urban. Not high art but for some cute GFY m/m/m it’s fun. Just reread it the other night. Maybe that’s why it snowed. I jinxed myself. Snow on the Mountain by PD Singer is a nice wintery story, not really Christmas. Any of the Astrid Amara Hanukkah stories are great with cute touches of humour. If I Must by Amy Lane is always a fun read.

    Reading is the best escape evah! 🙂

    • Well you get your thanksgiving, just another time. This year since no one was coming over to my place I didn’t clean and I’m twitching at all the dirt. The dog decided to go rolling in horse crap and I shudder thinking what got ground into the carpet.

      As for books, ooh those sound good. I’d read the PD Singer one and the Amy Lane. I’ve read one of the Astrid Amara ones but I’ll have to try some of the others. Maybe even Snowed In, thanks!

  2. If I Must by Amy Lane and definitely the Astrid Amara Hanukkah stories.

    I have two anthologies to review that sound good – Men Under the Mistletoe (Ava March, KA Mitchell, Harper Fox, Josh Lanyon) and Winter Warmers (JL Merrow, Jo Myles, Clare London, Lou Harper, Chrissy Munder).

  3. Ingrid says:

    Chris I have the Carina press anthology on my to buy list too. Going to read it on the train to the christmas market in Germany.

    As for holiday stories I like Crossing borders by ZAM. There is also The Kiss by GA Hauser. Like that one too.
    Faith and fidelity.

    A non m/m book that I reread every winter is Red colours the horizon by Margit Söderholm. It’s a swedish historic novel from my teens. The sequel was my grans favourite all time book

  4. Oh yes, Holiday Outing by Amara is great. Loved that one. Really liked the His For the Holidays anthology from last year by Gregg, ZAM, Fox & Lanyon. I just got the Men Under the Mistletoe anthology and am looking forward to that one.

    IDK – I can’t think of any m/f holiday re-reads…although I’m sure there are some!

    If I don’t “talk” to you before tomorrow have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m behind on blogs but will try to catch up. It’s amazing how fast this time of the year goes by. Way too fast!

      Thanks for the rec’s!

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