What I’ve been up to…

My poor blog is so neglected – as is anyone left reading this. I apologize!

The thing is I can’t tell if I’m sorry about it or not. I know I miss it on one level but on another I’m just too busy and lazy and disinterested to care. Sometimes I feel like blogging about things going on (which is a lot and some of it rather oddball and funny) but then I remember this is an m/m book review blog, but at the same time it’s my blog. I love this little corner.

So what I’m thinking is I’m going to just talk about what I want and if it includes a book review, than great.

Here are the current things going on that I’m obsessed with (or yanno just spending all my time on, same difference).


This is my dog Amber, a 65 lb lab/shepard mix. I love her to pieces and I’m a die hard cat person. Amberlicious took a bit to grow on me as my lovely boyfriend showed up with her out of the blue after we’d been dating only a few months. Of course he hadn’t thought ahead about logistics and oh, where would the dog live, and unsurprisingly Amber moved in with me in short order. We had to come to terms with each other – both of us wanting my boyfriend’s time, attention, and affection the most.

But now almost a year later Amber and I are pretty close. So much so my boyfriend is jealous. It took a bit for both of us but I adore this insane, highly energetic, very destructive chewer and she rather likes me – I’m not ashamed to bribe her with the best treats. She takes an incredible amount of time and care and money in toys that last mere minutes, but I’m shocked to say she’s worth it.

It means there can be no break up though, ever. I worked hard to love a dog and I’m not doing this again.

This is my lovely torture device! I promised I’d buy a bike this summer and since I made said promise over a year ago I figured it’d been forgotten by all, me included. Sadly not so and off to the bike shop we went. I ended up with this beauty. I wanted the red/silver one that looked more sleek and less “pink.” However that wasn’t to be. Instead I got this one that I do kind of like. I’m not in love with it yet, despite how often I’m told what a good bike I have, but I’m enjoying it.

What is killing me is the 20 mile bike rides from the start. My ass may never recover from this decision.

I’m sure most people already own one of these or they do it the old fashioned way. It’s not a revolutionary machine but you’d think it was if you lived with me. I love my panini maker. I use it constantly. I make sandwiches I don’t even want to eat just so I can use it. I bought 2 different panini cookbooks and realized that veggie options really aren’t that creative. Hell a monkey could do this but it still pleases me to no end that I get to make these. The up side is the sandwiches I make are very good and suffice on my nights to cook.

10 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to…

  1. Tam says:

    Eh, blogs are more interesting when they are random. Hmm. There’s an awful lot of stuffing on the floor there. I’m sadly looking forward to the day I have no pets. I’m tired of being a pet mother.

    I have a bike, in the basement, for 2 years. Ahem. Yeah. No comment.

    I like the idea of paninis, but I don’t have a maker, and I’m not actually sure I like sandwiches really, so I’ll likely just sit here and think “huh, maybe I should get one” and then do nothing. Old habits die hard. And I can’t believe Google doesn’t know panini is a word.

    • I hear you. I never really appreciated/took advantage of the period when I had no pets. Now it’s really eye opening how much more difficult a lot of things are. We have to plan around the dog SO much. It’s ok now but I know in 10, 20 years I’m going to be thinking we could do without one for a while.

      I was hoping to go another 2 years sans bike.

      That’s how I was at first but thankfully I liked these grilled sandwiches. I’m not big on them in general but when i add sauted mushrooms/red peppers and various combos, they are MUCH better.

  2. Amber has got very expressive -> read seducing, doggie eyes!!! I know how exploring dogs can get but at least they keep life interesting 😉 And can I just honestly say my vajayjay is cringing at the sight of your sadle!! I have daily bike rides of about 14 miles but on a wide saddle…so my butt doesn’t kill me when I get off! But go you on the cycling, and 20 miles – wow – that’s hefty for your begin periode.

    As for your random, non review, posts. I love ’em and frankly, I like to know what’s happening in your life. Have a great weekend!!

    • Oh she knows how to beg, silently with those eyes.

      My crotch is surprisingly ok but it’s my ass that hurts from that seat. I’ve seen wider seats (even tries a few out) and they didn’t feel as comfy. Also the 20 mile start rides are mostly because to the bf, that’s a stroll.

      You too!!

  3. Eh, it’s your blog/party – do what you want to. 🙂 I think we’re just glad to hear from you!

    Wow, 20 mile rides right from the start?! You’re brave!

    It’s too bad I barely knit at all these days – in the past, I made a knitted and felted tug toy that proved indestructible for a friend’s shepherd/greyhound mix. No one was more surprised than me about that!

    • I’m stupid, not brave but thank you for thinking positively.

      I’d have loved to see/find any toy she can’t tear apart in minutes. We’ve tried everything from the Kongs, the TUF animals and even these unchewable plastic things. She’s got jaws/teeth of steel.

  4. K. Z. Snow says:

    Hooray for dog love! (And cat love, and all animal love!) Oh, those clouds of white stuffing . . . what a familiar sight. My two mutts have a pile of gutted “bears,” and Luna, the little girl mutt, actually arranged them the other evening so they made a perfect circle around her.

    As for the Internet? Pffff. Amber, bike riding, and the joy of panini are SO much more important. 🙂

    • I think she was showing off her kills. If you look closely in the Amber photo you can tell she arranged numerous toys and bones around her. Just in case she may reach for one at any moment.

      This is unusual for her since Amber doesn’t really play with the gutted animals once she got the stuffing out. Do yours?

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