What I’m craving…

I’ve been slowly – ever so slowly – getting back into reading and reviewing. Well I should say I’ve always been reading but the genres seem to be all over the place. I’m reading a ton of non-fiction biographies, a bunch of running guides (Oh yea because I needed another time sink, soul sucking hobby), dog guides (because yes the dog CONTINUES to eat the house and every remote in sight. I won’t get into her dirty clothes fetish), and even back to the dreaded m/f romance.

The thing is whenever I’m in a rut or lost in my reading I always default to urban fantasy. It’s my tried and true first love of all genres, along with post-apocalyptic delight. I’m currently reading Justin Cronin’s The Twelve. Well actually I listen to it during long runs because I figure the longer I run the more chance I have of finishing the audiobook in about a year.

kesslercomicBut I’m seriously, seriously craving some meaty urban fantasy. I’d LOVE if it were m/m but finding one is about as likely as winning the lottery. There’s the odd story here and there but for most part, all I’m seeing are re-releases and nothing much. If I’m missing something, by all means please point it out and I’ll get it within minutes. Yes, I want it that badly.

I’m even sinking so low that I accept mediocre urban fantasy with cliched female leads that always have 2-3 guys vying for her as she ignores them all because she’s “just one of the guys.” I could probably write one of these books they’re so formulaic and bland. But I want that urban fantasy world building, that excitement of a new world from someone’s imagination. All new rules to learn and magic and futuristic possibilities.

Why is that m/m is almost entirely contemporary or historic romance?
Why aren’t there more science fiction, urban fantasy, fantasy in general books?

I miss these genres so much and it means that I only go for m/m when I want basic romance and that makes me sad.

24 thoughts on “What I’m craving…

    • Oh I totally believe that. I just wonder why. Is it because they think these genres don’t sell well? Are they more difficult to write? Is there no audience (beyond us)?

      • I don’t know. I know I have a couple of calls out through SMP for both short stories and novellas/novels for urban fantasy and fantasy. But, I love the genre, so I’m writing in it. πŸ˜€

  1. You’re right. There’s very few UF books coming through at the moment in m/m. Have you read the Infected series by Andrea Speed? That’s really gripping and one of the few UF series in the genre.

    I’m working through the Dresden File books at the moment – very slowly because I don’t get chance to read more! I’m up to book 4 and there’s at least 10 more to go so I ought to get cracking.

    There’s lots of excitement about the Quay novel by JR Ward which is coming out soon, but since I gave up on that series at least 2 books ago, I’m not sure I’ll know what’s going on if I buy it. Plus it’s out in Hardback first.

    I’m struggling now! I do sympathise with you. I love fantasy and UF too and there’s not much out there in the m/m genre because contemporaries dominate the market. Why is that, I wonder. Do people just not like anything except contemporary and so publishers are not interested (except SMP as I see above), or authors not interested in writing something they think won’t sell?

    Hub is pushing me to read The a Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin, but the first book alone is about 800 pages and there’s five books altogether. How I can I fit it in and still keep blogging?!

    • I do quite like the Dresden Files series, they only get better so enjoy! They’re kind of my go-to series that I return to frequently when I want fun, light urban fantasy.

      I gave up on JR Ward I think after book 5? I’ve heard the whole Quay – m/m buzz around but I don’t really want to read the other books to understand that one. And I doubt it’s an easy standalone. Sad as that is.

      I wonder the same things you do. If it’s a writer driven thing or a consumer issue. I do get much more interest on even the worst contemporary romance review than UF sadly.

      Oh and if you get into Game of Thrones books, settle in. They’re really wonderful but they’re somewhat depressing (in my opinion) and very dense. Most people I know gave up mid way through book three. I slugged it out to five but the thought of getting into six gives me pause.

  2. Mara says:

    Do you read Ann Somerville at all? She’s written quite a number of sf m/m and fantasy m/m, and those I’ve read, I’ve enjoyed (and I’m not a big s/f reader.)
    I think you already read Rob Thurman, don’t you? Her Cal series is mostly guys (and a teeny bit of m/m.) Lovely, too.

    • Oh I do love Rob Thurman’s writing (not so much her blog). There is a bit of m/m and who doesn’t love some brotherly love!

      I’ve read some of Ann Somerville but I’ll check out her backlist. I’m sure I’ve missed something there. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Captive Prince by Freece. It was surprisingly good and one of my fav reads this year http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9305362-captive-prince. I think it is going to be published in 2013. More fantasy than urban.

    Anything by Patricia Briggs, Charlaine Harris and my all time fav Ilona Andrews. I re read Andrews often. Karen Marie Moning? I also love kick ass Jane Yellowrock, written by Faith Hunter. Less enamoured of Stacia Kane’s Downside ghost series as I am not keen on addict heron/heroines.

    I re read Ginn Hale often. And Bloodraven by PL Nunn. 2 of the few authors who nail the world building. Others try, but often they’re not long enough. Not well fleshed out and it all happens too quick. 😦
    Good luck on the book hunt.

    • Oh thanks!! I’ll definitely get that one.

      I actually just finished a KMM book that I was less than impressed with. I was hoping for a series. I used to read C. Harris’s series though I topped out around the time it became a tv show. I do love her brother/sister series quite a lot.

      I’ve been thinking about Stacia Kane but wondering what others thought of her. I’ll check it out and never heard of Faith Hunter so thank you *very* much for new authors and suggestions.

      I’m with you on Hale and Nunn. I can’t really wish they would write more because when they do, it’s phenomenal but ok a tiny bit of me wishes it was faster.

  4. If it’s of any comfort, S.L. Armstrong and I are working on an Urban Fantasy serial fiction series. We’re always looking for Urban Fantasy submissions, but since authors aren’t writing it, it falls to us to fill the gap. XD The primary relationship in it will be M/M, but quite a few of the characters are some flavor of bisexual, so there’s a little bit of everything thrown in. It’ll be called “Immortal Symphony” (cover and teaser here: http://slarmstrong.wordpress.com/2012/11/02/immortal-symphony-season-1-episode-1-teaser-cover-reveal/).

    We have Cari Z’s “Changing Worlds” when it comes to M/M Sci-Fi, but I’m with you. So difficult to get authors to tackle something that involves intense worldbuilding!

  5. eva says:

    Some ideas/suggestions I didn’t already see in the comments…
    Have you read the Peter Grant series (3 books so far) by Ben Aaronovitch? Or The Iron Druid Chronicles series (5 books so far) by Kevin Hearne?
    As for m/m urban fantasy, there’s Vaughn R. Demont’s Broken Mirrors series (2 books so far), don’t know if you’ve read that one.

  6. I was going to suggest Ginn Hale’s Rifter, but IIRC you’ve read that πŸ™‚

    I second Mark del Franco’s Connor Grey series, although I’ve yet to read the last one. And I second Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series.

    And have you read Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series. I struggled a bit with the first, but the series gets better as they progress.

    Not sure if I could listen to a book while running (although my running isn’t very fast or long πŸ™‚ Do you find it a good way to distract yourself?

    • I’ll check out MdF’s series. It looks interesting!

      I tried Ilona Andrews but couldn’t get through the first one (I’ve tried a couple different series and if I can’t get into the first one I usually don’t try the second).

      I do find listening while running distracting, in a good way. I tend to run longer and faster when I’m not paying attention to the whole “omg I’m tired. I want to stop. Why am I so far from home?” litany that tends to go through my head when running. I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to pushing myself and audio books help me just run.

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