Not much reading this week…



But hopefully more to come next week! In the meantime…who’s enjoying summer?
This is the first time in my life I have ever uttered “I like the cooler weather.” WHO AM I!?

2 thoughts on “Not much reading this week…

  1. Tam says:

    Sigh. If I didn’t have 8 freaking billion e-mails everyday, maybe I could read, or write, or sleep. LOL It doesn’t seem to have affected my ability to cough up a lung however.

    We’ve only had a few super hot humid days, it’s actually been quite nice in the 70’s here, but they are saying up in the 90’s with the humidity again next week. Ugh. Not fun.

    Have a fun weekend.

    • Good luck with the strike! I hope it’s going well and they cave soon. That or you’ll likely be buried in work.

      Enjoy your humidity! I actually turned on my a/c voluntarily this week. I’ve never done that.

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