Review: The Door Into Spring

The Door Into Spring
The Door Into Spring by Missy Welsh
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

These short stories, in between longer novels in a series, are fun additions but tend to be fluff for loyal fans. The Door into Spring is no difficult. It shows Wes and Mal from the original book, My Summer of Wes, but the story is too brief to offer any real additional depth or interest. It’s a glimpse into the characters’ continued happy lives but not much else. In fact writing a review will take longer than reading the short story. The quick bite did help me remember why I liked the first book and want to read any sequel that happens.

For starters, I wouldn’t recommend this as a stand-alone story or one for new readers. It’s cute and easy to read with decent writing but it makes little sense in a larger scheme. The characters have no real development or depth for any readers unfamiliar with them and the story feels somewhat empty because of that. I don’t remember much, if anything, from the initial book. I mostly remember a generally positive feeling. This quick story didn’t remind me too much of the characters and their relationship but it did renew the warm regard I felt for the series.

The story is just a few pages long, consisting of Mal fixing up a rooftop garden and getting naughty with Wes upon its completion. I like the concept of it, but the project is completed so quickly as the story tells the reader the basics without any added depth. I felt no connection to the character or the project, which would seem more involved than the writing made it appear, but still enjoyed reading it. It’s not a story I’d remember nor is it one necessary for the series. It’s a nice way to invoke the characters from 3 years ago but it makes me wonder if a sequel is going to happen. This doesn’t really satisfy that desire, as fun and easy as it is.

I got the story when it was offered for free though so I can’t complain and instead I’m happy the author revisited this adorable couple. I hope more is coming and I’d like to see how these two young men mature individually and together. For fans of the original book that want a super brief glimpse at the couple, check it out. It’s a quick and effortless read.

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