Has it been that long!

Wow. It’s been 2 weeks…really?






I didn’t realize it’d been so long. The 2 weeks surrounding Christmas and New Years is kind of tough busy wise, but I was off work so I should have been more on the ball. In my defense though – life sucks. I caught then the flu THEN strep throat. Yes that’s right. I was sick with both. Although sick I got zero reading done.

Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

Instead I played video games and watched old episodes of La Femme Nikita, aka the greatest show ever.

Oh I did read an Us Weekly issue. And re-listen to Ender’s Game, which always always makes me cry. Poor little Ender. I’m tempted to re-read the series (like I always am when I read EG) but I know it all sucks after this book. OSC can’t write anything else.

I’ve lost touch with the world and have no clue what books I wanted to read.
I remember there being a lot.

2014 started off shitty but I’m hopeful if I can just get through January life will be pick up and get on track again. I may be absent though I hope not. There is a ton of family and personal drama going on and my flu/strep incidents have turned into a pretty significant head cold. Which of course just makes me want to sit at home, play video games and watch LFN.

I miss you reading and I’ll get back to you. Someday!

I’ve been reading blogs but not commenting so I apologize. I did write down every book Jen recommended and laughed at the sprite/7-up taste test while buying 3 books Kaetrin recommended (non-m/m even!). I’m also jealous of Chris’ cats (who seem normal in their insanity).

Hope everyone else had a wonderful and much happier holiday season.


3 thoughts on “Has it been that long!

  1. Tam says:

    Wow, you got dinged in the germ department. Of course now your body will be like “let’s invite ALL the germs to visit!!” Hopefully you’ll feel better soon.

    I did some reading, but not as much as I thought. I’ve just been so blah since fall. I end up reading 3 pages, playing some lame game, then reading 2 pages. I haven’t written anything in forever (not counting 6 paragraphs LOL), but I’m feeling slightly more motivated there, so maybe. Or not. 🙂 Anyway, get better, first priority.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about long gaps, I think I had nearly three weeks without posting in December. I’m a bad blogger lately :).

    I’ve also been playing a lot of video games recently which has cut into my reading time. I love the Open World RPGs. I got the Mass Effect trilogy for Christmas but only a couple pf hours into that so far. I think hub despairs, I’ve gone from being glued to the lap top to being glued to the Xbox, poor chap.

    I shall look forward to your thoughts on my recommended reads :D.

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