Book lists and pressure…

Sometimes I’m convinced the universe hates people, well by people I mean me of course. I don’t believe in religion, spirituality, karma, or any kind of god so really I don’t honestly think any random spirit or omnipotent being is out to get me. I just…wish I could blame shit on it.

Life sadly hasn’t gotten much better but I’ve decided to just ignore it, because it all sucks and I can’t fix most of it. Not only do I have a massive dr’s bill for my injured knee, an auto repair bill for my car due to the asshole that rear-ended me and sped away, and a vet bill because really why doesn’t everything go to hell at once? At least we’re all alive, if beat up.


So I’m feeling pressure and decide what better escapism then reading. Then I open up – Amazon’s 100 books to read this year list.

100 books. That’s a lot of pressure. A lot of reading. What if it’s not.. fun?

I’ve read the hyped books and authors.
Gillian Flynn – horrible characters but well written if you like reading despicable people doing despicable things with non-endings.
James Dashner – decent writing but horrible plots that always fall apart after the first book and I end up loathing a series I liked at the start.
Charles Dickens – I’m sorry but this guy needed a good editor. Depressing and overly verbose I just can’t with him. Good themes but kills it every time.
Suzanne Collins – I loved the Hunger Games trilogy but it will never sit well with me that it’s a total rip off of Battle Royale and never credited for it.

And so on.. so while I enjoy popular or recommended books from a wide variety of genres, I’m never sure if such lists are going to be… well interesting and fun or simply pressure to do what someone tells you to read.



Oh you’re feeling more optimistic? Great! I’ll try.

Why not start a sure to be doomed project of reading books off the 100 must read books of the year list. Because that’s a goal sure to not happen! So now I have to make the list and see which ones I’ve read, which I remember because I KNOW I read Great Gatsby but there’s a reason it’s blocked forever in my mind. Bad walking/reading accident in high school? No clue.

Why can’t we have a list of the 100 greatest m/m books to read? *ponders* we should get on that.

Even though this is nominally an m/m blog it’s also my area that no one but me reads so I’m gonna update my progress here. I also have about 15 m/m books I need to get on when I can stop hating on everything for a moment. They’re books I even -want- to read.

4 thoughts on “Book lists and pressure…

  1. Tam says:

    I’m in a total slump right now. I’ve even got two m/m books. I got as far as page 2 in one. Nothing wrong with it, just lost interest. But then I’ve lost interest in m/m as well. I’m a big ball of blah and I’ll blame it on the alignment of the stars or something.

    “simply pressure to do what someone tells you to read.” Yep. This is me. Good luck. Look forward to your updates.

    • Ugh I’m so there with you. Nothing seems interesting. I force myself to listen to audiobooks (because boredom would kill me otherwise) but if I could run, walk, and drive while watching tv or surf the internet I bet you I’d do that over reading right now. How sad.

      Maybe stars will re-allign for us both soon.

  2. Antonella says:

    Hi, Kassa!

    Sorry to hear that life is not treating you that well at the moment! Reading *is* a great escape though.

    I’m still mainly reading m/m and I feel a bit overwhelmed each time someone I trust – like you – come up with a new rec. I’ve got an incredible TBR pile. So about your list: you can do it, or ask for contributions to it, I’ll just close my eyes ;-).

    Have a nice weekend!

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