Back to reality

Hello everyone! 



I’m finally back from Rainbow Con 2014, which I’m sure readers even forgot I was going to. No worries I’ll have tons of posts coming up to fill everyone in on the greatest convention they missed. And all the reasons everyone should come next year. Hint – Tam, Chris, Jen, Kris, Leontine, Tracy, Janna *cough* Not trying to push anyone or anything of course! Just saying you all missed some epic jello shot action.


I also want to welcome anyone I met at the convention that actually found a my blog. Considering I was (literally ) the only blogger without business cards or a recognizable blog I’ll be surprised if many people could find my little corner. Or if anyone does. But for the one devoted person who’s new here – seriously welcome. You mean a lot to me!


Likewise I’ve also set up a Facebook page – yes finally – as it seems it’s yet another thing everyone should have. I also did a facebook page because honestly I’m not entirely sure what the difference is. If anyone knows and can tell me? Thanks. I’ve no clue which one people are supposed to go to. My meter on caring tapped out after dealing with that.

Here is my page:

I’ve also spent time updating my blog links (how sad that some people are not around! Must stalk Kris is on my to-do list). I’ll be doing some other blog updates over the next few weeks to tidy things up and dust off the shelves a bit but don’t worry… Three am will remain an obscure blog! At heart this is the essence of a blog for me. It’s not meant to be anything but a record of my reviews and random thoughts as they occur to me. I’ll be posting quite a bit about Rainbow Con in the coming weeks as well as an extensive list of my books that I now want to read after meeting authors and/or hearing raves about the work. I’m always interested in what people think about the books and whether they’ve read them or not.


I’ll leave you with a teaser



Geoffrey Knight @ 1am after jello shots!

7 thoughts on “Back to reality

  1. Tam says:

    Wow. LOL And good times were had by all.

    I can’t make any promises given I’ll be in Kuwait, but if it’s in FL again it’s a possibility. I was considering meeting up with some friends at Disney next spring but a lot depends on my kid, my friends, my ability to get holidays then, etc.My life is a lot less predictable these days. YOU have to come to the UK Meet next year. That’s easier for me to get to. 🙂

    Looking forward to more posts to sway my decision.

    • I’m going to try to make the UK meet. Now that you are over there and Jen is in UK and JL and Josephine – so many reasons! Plus I’m really interested in hearing how your time in Kuwait goes. I assume you’re keeping your blog?

      • Tam says:

        Yes, I just need to have a moment to breathe. Hopefully once I get there it will settle down and I’ll have more of a normal life. The next 90 days for me are going to be nuts. We are stopping on our way to Kuwait in the UK and I’m looking forward to seeing Jen and Clare London and whoever else I can find. 🙂

  2. I feel like I’m a better person after having met you, Kassa! I’m inspired by your willingness to be fair and balanced, as well as being an all-around neat person 🙂

  3. I would love to go next year, if it were only to see you and maybe some of the other girls again! And your reasons why this Con is so appealing are very convincing.
    Like Tam I can’t make any promises because of the distance but I will definitely give it some serious thought.

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