So long best laid plans …

Although my plans call for me boarding a plane tomorrow morning to sunny Florida to attend the sure to be awesome Rainbow Con – unfortunately I won’t be. *le sigh*

It seems that life has some different plans for me. Without going into too much detail I’ve mentioned before that I’m training for my Ironman race in a few months and have been racing all season long with a heavy training schedule. That’s actually not to blame, though I wish it was, but instead I was out on a routine after work ride when my bike skidded out from underneath me on a turn.








It was one of those crashes that happens to everyone – I think? Probably only me but I thought I’d come away a little bruised and banged up but not so worse for wear.








Unfortunately my injuries are a little more serious and it means I won’t be able to make the conference this weekend. Bummer. I have spoken with the organizers to apologize profusely and I’m sorry I’ll be sorely missing their company and that of everyone this weekend. I’ve no doubt it’ll be an amazing time, as it was last year. Instead I’ll have to plan for next year! I guess I can use this time to catch up on all my reading – always a bonus.


3 thoughts on “So long best laid plans …

  1. Sorry to hear you were injured (this is one of the reasons I don’t like exercise – I ALWAYS hurt myself!). Hope you feel better soon. Good luck with the triathloning! 🙂

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