Review: Nice Tie

Nice Tie
Nice Tie by Jules Jones
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

My recollection of Jules Jones’ work is sweet romances with a distinctly British flair. In that respect, I suppose Nice Tie delivers but I really struggled with it. I find the concept could have been good but it feels so mechanical and without passion. The two men act considerably older than their age and there isn’t really a relationship to speak of. I found the story kind of silly, not in a humorous way, and the end resolution cringe inducing. The writing is perfunctory but I never connected with the story and by the end I was sorry I’d picked it up. I’ve liked previous books of this author but I think I’m going to stay away in the future. Continue reading

Review: Lord and Master

Lord and Master (Lord and Master, #1)Lord and Master by Jules Jones

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mark Paulson is a PhD student working in industry and writing his thesis, expecting to be offered a full time position in the company and generally happy to continue on the way he’s going. So he is surprised when his advisor suggests a career change to something that’s not exactly his field. He’s good looking, detail-orientated, and very easy-going. He may be young but he only has glimpses at his youth, his laid back nature giving him an older outlook. Continue reading