Review: Four Emperors (and a slut)

Four EmperorsFour Emperors by Evan Allen

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
So I chose this book without reading the summary because the publisher sent an intriguing inquiry for me to review it. I liked the email so I gave the book a shot. I’m glad I did because it’s rather entertaining and decently written. This is definitely a series I’d continue with, if I can remember it whenever the sequel gets released. The story is fun, energetic and whimsical with enough supernatural danger to keep things interesting. The only complaints I have are that in keeping the story light and easy, despite ancient Chinese history and supernatural powers, the characters come across very one dimensional and flat. The entire story reads superficially without a lot of depth and complexity. It’s an undemanding story to read with a quirky kind of humor, but definitely did not leave much of a lasting impression and I wanted some more depth and nuance to the various characters. That’s not going to happen with this book or series in general so I’d recommend this for readers who want an easy, fun read with an unusual supernatural backdrop. Continue reading