Liar’s Waltz by Becky Black

Liar’s Waltz by Becky Black
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a familiar story with a few good twists. The writing didn’t always work for me and often that more than anything else ruined my enjoyment but the characters, setting, and plot are engaging. As a debut novel, I think the author shows a lot of potential and readers will find the themes used familiar and comforting with good tension. […]

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Cowboy Crush by Eve Cassidy

Title: Cowboy Crush
Author: Eve Cassidy
Publisher: Breathless Press
Length: 60 pages
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Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

When the future depends on trust—things might get a little rowdy.
After receiving a Dear John letter from his fiancée, Eli Smith isn’t sure what comes next. He’s spent years going from one rodeo to the next, biding his time and saving his money […]

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Breathe by Sloan Parker

BreatheBreathe by Sloan Parker

Lincoln McCaw lost everything — his home, his job, his partner — after he caused a fatal accident. A year later, he’s drowning the guilt and despair in whiskey, but he needs to move on. His sister and her kids are counting on him. Then he meets a man who ignites a passion Lincoln thought he’d never find. Too bad one night is all they can have together. Now he needs to figure out how to turn away from the only person who makes him feel alive…before whoever is sending him threats decides Lincoln needs to suffer more than he already has.

Jay Miller is surrounded by grief and misery until he finally gives in to all those years of sexual fantasies about being with another guy. Realizing he’s ended up in the arms of the man who caused his wife’s accident, he tries to pull away. But how can he give up a friendship he needs more than anything — a friendship and a love that could save him? He may not have time to make the choice before someone else destroys it all.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Just for Christmas by George Seaton

Title: Just for Christmas
Author: George Seaton
Publisher: Untreed Reads
Length: 11 pages
Buy the book: Publisher , Amazon Kindle
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Christmas is a holiday with family at the heart of the season. In this short story from the author of CONTINUUM, THE COLORADO COW AND OTHER STORIES and ANOTHER FINE CHRISTMAS, Frank discovers that sometimes discovering who you are is […]

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Moving On by Fabian Black

Moving OnMoving On by Fabian Black

Andrew has a ready wit and a cheeky retort for just about any occasion, but his partner and Dominant, Thomas, has always suspected that his young lover harbours painful secrets. A visit to a Sunday morning car boot sale has unhappy repercussions for Andrew. He comes face to face with a feared object from his past, something he never thought he’d see again. He takes flight, leaving Thomas behind.

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

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Talker’s Redemption by Amy Lane

Talker's Redemption (Talker, #2)Talker’s Redemption by Amy Lane

Tate Walker’s past is too painful to just disappear, even if his dream boy, Brian Cooper, is there to hold his hand. Brian does his best, but Talker—always good at avoiding his own pain—is having a hard time facing the truth about what happened when he trusted the wrong man at the wrong time.

When that truth resurfaces and lands Brian in the hospital, Talker is forced to make a choice. He can either confront every demon in his fragile, bleeding heart, or he can let Brian take the heat for him, just like he has from the beginning. But even Talker knows you don’t leave your dream boy alone and undefended when he just saved your life, and he’ll have to find the strength to take care of Brian when Brian needs him the most.

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

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Furry Endeavors by Christina Jade Loren

Title: Furry Endeavors
Author: Christina Jade Loren
Publisher: Breathless Press
Length: 50 pages
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Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

Home for the holidays isn’t exactly what Lance had in mind when his lover, Adin, took him to a secluded log cabin in the middle of a forest.
When Adin’s brother shows up unexpected, spoiling all the fun with a message for him […]

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