Fugue by Rick R. Reed




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Fugue by Rick R. Reed

Who is the master and who is the slave?

In Rick R. Reed’s tortuously sexy short story, you might not always know. Fugue takes the brave reader into the dungeon playroom of a master and his boy. It’s the kind of place where “darkness skitters into corners, hiding in shadows where the walls disappear.” A boy is chained to the pipes along the ceiling. Hooded, he can only experience the sensations his master delivers with his whips, fingers, tongue…

But in the boy’s mind, a dream state takes him places even the master could not imagine…places where the established pecking order is turned upside down. As he’s being deliciously whipped, tantalized, and tortured, the boy takes a mental journey on a late-night train where his adventures are even more raw and erotic than what goes on in this very dungeon.

Come along for the Fugue…and answer for yourself the question: who is the master and who is the slave?

*reviewed for Manic Readers Reviews


In this highly erotic short story, reality and dreams are mixed leaving one to wonder who the master is and who the slave is. The book opens with a vividly descriptive scene of a basement and a boy waiting, shaved and chained to the pipes in the ceiling; able to feel every breath of wind and hear every minute sound as his master prepares behind him. The waiting is divine torture in itself, but the boy can’t help but crave what’s to come. As a familiar leather hood is placed over his head, the boy’s mind wanders to a dream.

In the boy’s dream there are two men on the el train, sitting opposite each other as the unexpected attraction sparks between them. One is a young man, barely eighteen and clean cut from an upper class family. He is beautiful and slender, the complete opposite of the leather man across from him in chaps, jeans and a close fitting t-shirt, accessorized with a tattoo on his arm of the word “fugue”. As opposites are wont to do, the attraction is undeniable. Darting glances, swallowed desire, and the heady smell of lust all combine to overwhelm the two until responsibilities and concerns are set aside to experience the passion unfurled between them in a darkened corner of the train.

Their passion is not so easily had either, as the train moves on and the fear of discovery becomes a reality with passengers getting on and off the train. Frustration, desire, anger, need, dominance and submission all play their parts in this intricate dance where the typical stereotypes are turned upside down in the dreamer’s mind. Meanwhile the erotic whipping the boy is gratefully enduring in his master’s basement continues with lush detail and highly charged intensity. The physical and emotional journey occurring in the basement parallels the charged encounter in the train but in different roles.

Both scenes are intricately and expertly woven in this short story that packs an incredible punch.  Like a song, scenes are detailed layer by layer with sounds, smells, emotions, sights that combine to create a complex melding between characters and their surroundings. Through vivid imagery and spectacular writing, Reed offers a world that is erotic, intense, honest, and edgy. From the boy’s reality of his whipping by his loving master’s hand to his dreamy role reversal where he dominates his master, the intense adventure begins grippingly and only increases as the story unfolds. Although not a romance or a love story, there are elements of both amongst the emotionally charged encounters with BDSM is as much a character in the story as the others.

Reed has a unique ability to alter perception and leave the reader wondering what is reality. The wonderful prose is offered in a unique way with highly descriptive atmospheres and characters while leaving little to no dialogue, highlighting the originality of Reed’s imagination. Like most of the author’s work, “Fugue” offers an unforgettable cast of well defined characters, adding depth to the complex world and figures inhabiting it.

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My review for Manic here.

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