Dance Wars by Sophia Titheniel




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Dance Wars Series by Sophia Titheniel


I usually review books as I read or re-read them but this particular series I read over the course of two days. The books are fairly short but more so, incredibly fast reads with similar high and low points. So instead of writing 3 reviews which all say the same thing basically, I’ll write one review and touch on the individual books if needed. Due to the style of writing, these books are meant to be read in order and reading out of order will cause confusion and a disjointed experience. Each sequel drops the reader into the already built world and characters with little background information to catch a new reader up on past events. So keep that in mind if you do decide to read these books.

This is a graphic and compelling story that is definitely not your typical romance. Set in the backdrop of futuristic America where gangs of scavengers are out roaming the streets to attack, rob, and steal anything that makes a living, Lachlan is a bike messenger for the Pony Express. Except they use motorcycles held together by duct tape and happy thoughts rather than expensive and stylized equipment. During a highly dangerous run through Washington D.C, Lachlan stops quickly to fill his whiskey flask before moving on but finds himself mesmerized by the silver eyed leader of a scavenger gang. Their altercation leads to rough and gritty sex in a darkened alley, an encounter that burns into the minds of both men.

Through the course of three books, their relationship grows equally in intensity and danger as these ill-fated lovers can’t stay away from each other. Although the plot does revolve around their relationship surviving the difficulties of Lachlan’s insane job, Adair’s dance crew, scavengers, and the overwhelming disapproval of everyone, the books are mostly a thinly woven progression to get through to the next sex scene. And there are a lot of sex scenes. This series is mostly for those wanting an incredibly hot erotica tale with rough and delicious men as the writing is more than half sex. But let me say, those sex scenes are worth it. They’re hot, rough, sexy and titillating. This is your porn disguised as romance but more interesting than you’d expect.

Lachlan, for all his begging during sex, is a strong willed, slightly crazy but intelligent man. Stupid men don’t last long as messengers but only those with wits, skill, and more courage than brains seem to flourish. His encounters with Adair, while graphic and boarding on violent, are seared into his brain and leave him wanting more, beyond all reason. He takes out of character risks to see Adair again, shrugging off the very real danger to them both to seek out the indefinable connection and undeniable chemistry between the two men.

Adair is a strong top and leader of his pack. His personality fairly oozes confidence yet he has the eloquence and ability to dance and dance well as demonstrated in the unique twist of the Dance Wars amongst various crews. Even as he’s expected to kill Lachlan each time he sees the biker, Adair can’t bring himself to do it. He is unquestionably almost cruel of his treatment of Lachlan and their sex is visceral and graphic, yet there are glimpses of emotion that shine through in a touch, a brief look, a sound hinting at deeper emotion neither man is ready to claim just yet.

The first two books build on the mostly sexual relationship while showing hints of deeper emotion and feeling. As Lachlan and Adair are only together when they have sex, these moments happen mostly during the sex or in memories and longing each has for the other. The only major problem I had once I accepted the thin plot came in the third book with the resolution to conflict created when infedility and temptation are introduced. The outcome was incredibly weak, especially in contrast to the strength of the characters up until then. This wasn’t a book throwing moment but it was a huge disappointment in a series that hadn’t erred yet.

This series hit all the highlights in erotic “romance” for me. Incredibly hot men, futuristic backdrop, intense and mind blowing sex all wrapped up with a happy for now ending with a bit of angst and drama. The strong writing and truly smoking hot sex scenes make this a series incredibly fast to read and hard to put down. The pacing was quick and easy, flowing very well from scene to scene with great characters. This isn’t the type of book to appeal to everyone with its hard hitting setting and men, but for those that like this genre, you might like this series for it’s entertainment value.

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7 thoughts on “Dance Wars by Sophia Titheniel

  1. I really like this series, for the fact that it was an original “erotic” series. I have no problem to say that I didn’t skip the sex scenes as usually I did with similar books. Have still to read the third, but it’s in my reading list just now.

    • Wow! Thanks for the comment Elisa. I really enjoyed reading the series and the third book was a good addition as there was certainly more emotion and love between the two men. I thought it was going to be the final one but the author left it hanging, so maybe more in the future.

      • I always lament of the lack of comments, so I should be more generous myself, am I not? πŸ˜‰ And then I really have the third book in my reading folder so you hit near home. And you know that Sophia Tithiniel is Italian? She now lives in Canada, but she was born in Italy, not far from my city. Elisa

        • I am trying to comment more and I realize just my comments don’t mean much from one person so if you get sick of my comments you can say so :D.
          I’m looking forward to reading your take. It’s rare I’ve read something first! But I didn’t know she was Italian, truly a small world.
          Oh and she wrote a short story also based in the same universe if you’d like to read it.

  2. This is a terrific review, Kassa. I especially like how you manage to critique the strength or believability of the ending without actually giving away what happened — I’ve got to learn this skill! It sounds like a really hot series that I never would have known about had I not stopped by. I’m keeping it in mind. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Valk! If you decide to read the series, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
      I saw your review for Kelly’s latest cowboy offering and am heading over to read it as I’ve been eyeing that story for a bit. Cowboys – yummy goodness.

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