The M/M Romance Challenge

        The M/M Romance Challenge

Ok. The M/M challenge has been increased to 40 m/m books so at least I won’t complete the challenge in a few days. If I spread it out, this could take a few months. Each of these books I haven’t read yet (or just read this weekend). I’ll be posting reviews on each one, *pales* but here we go.

Using the M/M challenge guidelines and a bit of tweaking via others lists, here is my list. It’s subject to tweaking if anyone wants to throw out some great recommendations I missed as this is a first pass and I’m looking to read things that I normally wouldn’t. I left several spots open on the bottom that I do have books to fill in but was hoping for some ideas.

Special acknowledgements!

Thank you to 

  and the group over on The Phade for the new list.


Thank you to 

  because I looked at your reviews to pick books that I was stumped on.





Read an anthology.

1) Like Magnets We Attract Anthology edited by Jaye Valentine

Read a new release.
2) Rain on the Roof by Katrina Strauss

Read a new-to-you author.

3) La Playita by Gavin Atlas

Read the first book in a series.
4) Child’s Prey 1: Orange Moon by Anne Cain & Barbara Sheridan

Read a book outside your comfort level or from a genre you don’t normally read.

5) Comfort Me by Louis Flint Ceci

Read a book where the shapeshifter isn’t a werewolf.

6) Year of the Cat by Selah March

Read a gay magazine.
7) Icarus: Edition 1 

8) Historical – The Phoenix by Ruth Sims
9 ) Contemporary – Finn by Angel Martinez
10) Contemporary – Chasing Smoke by KA Mitchell
11) Paranormal – Rest of Our Lives by Dan Stone
12) Cowboys/Western – Homesteads and Horseradish by Kiernan Kelly
13) BDSM – Personal Demons by Jay Lygon
14) Men in Uniform – Hell Dogs Squadron 2: Angle of Attack by AM Moler
15) Yaoi – Snagged by Jet Mykles
16) Sports – Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy 
17) Sci-Fi – Hajiri’s Pet by Auburnimp & Michael Barnette 

At least one book by each author:

18) Tamara Allen – Whistling in the Dark
19) AM Riley – The Elegant Corpse
20) Rowan McBride – One Good Hand
21) Jessica Freely – Virgin
22) Jamie Scofield – Brushback
23) TA Chase – Stealing Life
24) James Buchanan – Hard Fall
25) Jordan Castillo Price – Among the Living
26) Elle Parker: Like Coffee and Doughnuts
27) Z.A. Maxfield – St. Nacho’s 2: Physical Therapy
28) Reno MacLeod and Jaye Valentine – Messiah I: The Three of Cups
29) Kevin Voglino – Times Square Kiss
30) Jet Mykles – Tech Support
31) Kirby Crow – Angels of the Deep
32) Caro Soles – Drag Queen in the Court of Death
33) G.S. Wiley – Troubles
34) Hemovore by Jordan Castillo Price
35) Isabelle Rowan– A Note in the Margin
36) Joely Skye – Monster
37) J.M. Snyder – War Torn
38) Without Sin by J. Tomas
39) Committed by Cassie Stevens
40) Phoberia by HB Kurtzwilde

The Official Challenge Review List!

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13 thoughts on “The M/M Romance Challenge

  1. YEAR OF THE CAT also happens to be a “book where the shapeshifter isn’t a werewolf,” so you could switch that category and pick up another “new to you” author. Just a suggestion. 🙂

  2. Read a book where the shapeshifter isn’t a werewolf.

    I haven’t read this new one: Chew Toy, but it seems to be about a weretiger.
    And I think there are a few Torquere anthologies with a variety of non-werewolf shapeshifter stories.

    • If only I had started this list earlier I’d have this list done in the past month already!
      I’ll have to check out the list, thank you!
      I want to put one of your new releases coming out on the list, any suggestions/preferences?

      • If you can wait until July, I’m sure I can send you a review copy of my upcoming Torquere Press Taste Test, “Troubles.” Otherwise, “Knight and Dave” coming out in May from DReamspinner is a quick, easy read (let me know if you’d like a review copy when it’s out.)

  3. The List of 40
    What a great list! You could also try Turnskin by Nicole Kimberling for an unusual type of shape-shifter — more like another species than a traditional man-to-critter shapeshifter. This book is currently a Lambda Award finalist. Here’s my review if you’re interested:
    I think I’m going to follow your choice for the yaoi category because what I know about yaoi could fit on the head of a pin and still leave room for a small asteroid!

    • Re: The List of 40
      Do you have your list up? I’d love to compare.
      As for Yaoi, I’m a fan of the genre but also Katrina Strauss has a Blue Ruin series that can fit as Yaoi and a series if you haven’t read it. Fabulous cover art and a really great opening book. I just read Jet Myles Heaven Sent Yaoi series which was wonderful.

      • Re: The List of 40
        I don’t really have an official list up. I’m just filling them in as I go, and I’m not really officially involved with the Phade, just unofficially influenced by some of their suggested categories. 🙂 I’m putting my list up as I do them on my Blogger blog, and then I’ve also got some suggestions for others based on those new categories back on my LJ.
        Thanks for those yaoi recommendations! I’m going to look into those two.

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