Breathing by Laura Baumbach

Breathing by Laura Baumbach


Colin Dobson has everything he ever imagined — excitement, travel, and night after night of possessive passion with his new lover, Rowland Campbell. Safe in the arms of his vampire lover, for the first time in his life the sheltered young hemophiliac has nothing to fear.

There’s only one thing marring their perfect relationship. Colin is finding it increasingly difficult to sleep with a corpse — until an unexpected trip to a mystical tattoo parlor and a run-in with an old nemesis puts things into perspective.




Returning to Rowland and Colin, Baumbach’s vampire and human lover duo, we’re treated to a highly erotic trip to a tattoo parlor to protect Colin from vampires and humans alike. Guess Rowland forgot to mention exactly where the tattoo was going to be placed, but thankfully Colin is willing to be distracted by his sexy lover. Unfortunately Colin seems to be hung up on the fact that Rowland no longer breathes and doesn’t give off those tiny indicators of emotions like humans do. It takes an explosion and an intense romantic encounter to remind Colin that not breathing has its advantages too.

This sequel takes place some unknown months after these two initially meet. Presumably they are traveling or doing whatever it is vampires and their thralls do with their lives, but staying away from the threat of other vampires or hunters. Colin once again is absolutely lovely as an alternating innocent with his ignorance about potential threats and forlorn, wanting his lover to be more human like he is. Due to Colin’s limited experience with people before Rowland in addition to Rowland’s quiet tight-lipped manner, he has trouble understanding Rowland’s thoughts and feelings. Colin can’t rely on traditionally human clues to puzzle out his lover, thus frustrating him.

Rowland is his usual taciturn self but shows a much more romantic and connected side of his emotions, even if it’s in his own way. His desire to mark and protect Colin, when clearly this isn’t usually done, shows his deep connection to the younger man. The intensity between these two fairly sizzles across the pages from the first scene on. I almost included the last scene of the book in the review, as it’s deeply satisfying to any romance lover. However, instead I’ll simply say you should read these two short books in order and enjoy the impact of that moment and the phrases for yourself.

Typical tight writing and great characters round out this short story and series with just enough action that will leave you wanting more. The dark nature of vampires is definitely a welcome change to the more domesticated version of blood sucker commonly found and in combination with the author’s classic style and voice, make this an easy winner. (Not to mention one of the better Changeling covers)

Get them both HERE!

My review of the first book- Enthralled. 



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