Like Magnets, We Attract Anthology

The very awesome

sent me an ARC for review about a week ago, and not only was this a first for me (yay!) but I really enjoyed the anthology. I had no little trepidation over what would I do if I thought it sucked. I’d be honest, but I’d feel bad. Considering this is the first author ever to send me a book specifically for little me to review, I was scared I’d hate it and have to break the bad news. Thankfully, it was a pretty solid anthology with a lot of highlights. It comes out a week from now on April 13 and you can go HERE for some great excerpts. The last story especially is really great and has some of the best lines in it.



This is a ten-story anthology all catering to the delicious theme of opposites attract. Ranging from fantasy to contemporary, each story glimpses into fascinating characters and the opposite worlds that collide when two hot men can’t stay away from each other. Whether it’s a happy ever after ending, an isolated interlude, or lovers denied, this collection offers something for every reader. The lineup of strong writing, tight storylines and smoking hot characters (sometimes literally) combine to create a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining selection of stories.

Most anthologies offer a range of stories with an equally diverse level of writing. Pleasantly surprising, almost all of the offerings in “Like Magnets, We Attract” ranged from solid and fun to highly entertaining and wonderful. Included in this are a variety of steaming, explicit sex scenes from sweet and charming, to tender and all the way to rough and raunchy. Although these are sure to titillate, they all read much better than simply erotica for the sake of porn, with the exception of one scene. For the breadth of stories and number of offerings, one miss scene is nothing that will detract or even stay as memorable.

Among the stories, it was difficult to choose a favorite as several stood out for many reasons. Although I was going to summarize the entire anthology, more than half of the stories were notable for one reason or another and truly deserve special mention. The level of creativity, innovation and pure enjoyment made this anthology one that was easy and fun to read. One story stood out among the rest and was the worth reading the entire anthology for, although several characters made me glad I had the opportunity to read their stories. Even as this is an erotica anthology, there is a high level of romance with happy ever after endings that are sure to please followers of the genre.

Makau/Makai, by Shea Meier
This is a rather cute story with a logical scientist that finds a sexy local while roaming the beach at high tide. Between the scientist’s fear of water and the local’s belief in volcano gods, these two have to work to find common ground but their acceptance of each other as they are with a little Hawaiian flavor adds to a fun and lovely story.

King Kong vs. The Skinny Pirate, by Addison Albright
This has a laugh out loud hilarious introduction with great characters of a fussy corporate lawyer and a bear-like mechanic. The opening scene at the bar sets the fun and light tone that is carried through effortlessly. Their story was delightful and highly entertaining with a heavily romantic ending that is sure to please new and die hard fans alike.

Fairy Tail, by Rob Rosen
Aptly named as a fairy and an imprisoned prince step out of time to enjoy a heated and inventive erotic interlude. These opposites spice up the story from the start and add in a devilish happy ending. Amusing, entertaining and sizzling with heat, be sure to read with a fan nearby.

Lucky, by A. Steele
I hate to play favorites in a solid group of stories but this offering about a janitor and a senator’s son gripped me from the start and had me re-reading the story more than once. Fun, flirty and scorching hot, Carl and Josh spark with instant great chemistry and witty dialogue. Add in a bit of family pressure with electrifying sex and this is a sure win addition. The characters will no doubt appeal with a satisfying ending.

Forever, by William Holden
The lone vampire with his human lover turns the tone to dramatic, intense and dark with underlying rage and star-crossed lovers. This may not be a typical story but the elements of romance, erotica, and death combine to create a gripping and haunting tale. This definitely appeals to anyone wanting more edge to their sex scenes.

Common Ground, by Cassidy Ryan & Tyler McKenzie
This delightful and light offering turns the tables on typical stereotypes with a popular computer geek and a shy jock. It takes the duo months to work up the nerve to finally speak about their ongoing connection but they come together with sexy sparks. Great characters and entertaining dialogue carry this tale, even if it ends slightly sweet for those romantic lovers.

The Taming of the Bull, by Taylor Lochland
A solidly written story about a skeptic and an astrologer that find something in common in bed despite widely different views out of it. The bashful and stubborn skeptic is adorable as is the charming confidence of his opposite. Together they might edge on too lovely but the blindfold keeps their encounter fresh and hot.

The Hideaway, by David Wesley
For a new bar owner stuck in his hometown after a turn of events, Zach certainly finds something worth holding onto with alcohol inspector. Initiating Jake into the joys of sex between men begins a raunchy and vivid encounter sure to surprise and boggle the mind at times. Although the sex scene was corny and porno like, the writing before and after was engaging.

Against the Current, by Heidi Champa
This animated hook up between a surfing expert and an off balance klutz is delightful and fun from start to finish. This memorable vacation encounter is sure to stay in the minds of both men and readers for a while, highlighting the solid writing and enticing sex scenes. Without the need for a romantic ending, this story typifies the hopeful dreams of horny vacationers. If only we were all so lucky when washed up on the beach.

Fire and Water, by V. Greene
Taking scorching hot to a new level, these two opposites define the word with smoking sex (literally) and fascinating characters. The fantasy is easy to slip into with an aptly named story and great characters. Be sure to have something cool nearby as the author kicks up the heat level considerably with a fabulous sex scene in this short story. Who knew dragons were so delicious?

Get it HERE!

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