New Rainbow Reviews and Amazon Rank Fail

 Amidst Amazon Rank Fail, Twitter Outcry Mania of #amazonfail, and #glitchmyass – another busy week with reviews and the new ones are out over on Rainbow Reviews. I had a mixture of longer and shorter stories with some of my M/M challenge stories thrown in and even a collection of poetry. What I know about poetry is sad so I feel for the authors.

M/M Challenge Stories:

Stealing Life by T.A. Chase

Child’s Prey 1: Orange Moon by Anne Cain & Barbara Sheridan

Child’s Prey 2: Winter Song by Anne Cain & Barbara Sheridan 

Personal Demons by Jay Lygon

The Elegant Corpse by A.M. Riley *

*best book of the week 

Playing The Field: Tee’d Off by J.M. Snyder

Sutcliffe Cove by Ariel Tachna and Madeleine Urban 

A Fostered Love by Cameron Dane

Phoberia by H.B. Kurtzwilde


Surprisingly good poetry:

Gaytude by Albert Russo & Adam Donaldson Powell

Short Stories:

An Evening With The Rush Hour Hero by J.M. Snyder

Restraint by Teresa Noelle Roberts

Favor by Alex Draven


M/M Challenge Update!

16/40 stories read. I’ve actually read/reviewed 32 m/m romance stories since I signed up but only 16 were on my official “list” – which I still reserve the right to change. One or two on my current list may change and be filled in with a new story. 

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6 thoughts on “New Rainbow Reviews and Amazon Rank Fail

    • Thank you!! The poetry review was difficult – what do I know about it? Especially when I looked at other reviews for the same book which were really in depth about meter, style and historical gay poetry.
      BTW great review on the anthology – I loved Fire and Water too. That dragon had the *best* lines ever.

  1. Hi, Kassa, wow, you have been busy! You’ve done 16 on your list and 32 total. I’ve only done 11 of my 40 and I still have a couple of categories yet to fill …
    I just read your review of Stealing Life by T. A. Chase over on Rainbow Reviews and it sounds like it couldn’t possibly be more different in topic and everything else from the Bound by Love one that I read, except for the frequent hot sex scenes! I appreciate your in-depth review very much.
    I think that the conflict thing that you mentioned (where potential is not fulfilled) might be more of a problem for me in this book in that the setting itself sounds underdone as well. I think I’ll make a note of the book but not get to it until I winnow down some of my backlog in the next several weeks, ha, ha!
    I guess there’s not a way to leave a comment on Rainbow Reviews? That’s okay. BTW Thanks again for telling me about the need for a link back to my blogspot. I think my blogspot has always been so sparse of content in the past that it never occured to me that someone would WANT to return back from the website, ha, ha! I’m going to fix that up thanks to your feedback. 🙂

    • Hi Val 🙂 .. I have been busy. I think this is what gave me my headache. Hehe, jk.
      To be fair, this was an old backlist book of TA Chase’s – since for the M/M challenge I mixed new releases with backlists – so I’m not sure if it’s a fair representation of his work. I also read Ghost of a Chance and thought that was lovely so for me, TA Chase is kind of hit or miss. Others certainly don’t feel that way. So you can either go for this one or pass it by as I do think there are better offerings by the author to delve into.
      NP and perhaps it’s only me but I head over, read the full review then want to comment so a link back from the main page totally makes my lazy surfing much easier. All about me right? 😀
      ps. still thinking about that challenge.

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