New Rainbow Reviews

New Rainbow Reviews! Another week, more reviews. Several short stories and other books, nothing outstanding. I think 4 stars was the highest in the group and only 2 of those but nothing horrible either. I hate assigning stars, some stories it’s just not an honest representation of the book or the review.  

Betrayed by Cassie Stevens

Fortunate Son by Fae Sutherland & Marguerite Labbe

Guapo by B.A. Tortuga

Play it Again, Sam by Jamie Hill

Spring Reassurance by Andrew Grey

Taste Test: Public Displays by Lorna Hinson (editor)

The Edge of Desperation by Kris Jacen (editor)

Winter Love by Andrew Grey


Short stories:

Any Excuse by Acer Adamson

Only Words by Acer Adamson

Come Together by Clare London

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come by Clare London

Saddle Up ‘N’ Ride! by Remmy Duchene



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