New Rainbow Reviews

 Another week, more Rainbow Reviews. I kind of forgot last week so there are two weeks’ worth. I’ve been in a dirth of books and not happy with many I’ve read lately but on the plus side, the short stories are going strong. Since I was able to be rather selective from the Dreamspinner shorts, I took authors I know I’ll enjoy and thankfully their stories were wonderful as expected.

A Glimpse Inside by A.R. Moler

Back Cut by Alexa Snow

Chef on Chef by Julia Talbot

Clear Cut by Alexa Snow

Best Gay Erotica 2006 by Richard Labonte (editor)
Blind Desire by I.D. Locke

Dreamspinner short stories. 

It Takes One to Know One by Chrissy Munder

Midnight Sun by G.S. Wiley

Protests and Proposals by Sean Kennedy

A Simple Life by Chrissy Munder


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