New Rainbow Reviews

 It’s that time again – new Rainbow Reviews. In keeping with the “Mask” theme I started last week with Masks 1 and Masks 2, Masks 3 is up over on RR. I originally had to read 1 & 2 just to review 3 so you all get to read the same basic review (sorry!). But it’s still a fabulous series. If only I can do inclusive reviews of a whole series. There are a couple of shorts plus a solid vampire story by the great AM Riley plus the utterly hysterical SubSurdity. Eric Arvin could be my new comic god. Just saying…

Check them out!


Immortality is the Suck by A.M. Riley

Masks: Ordinary Champions by Hayden Thorne

Overtime by M. Durango  

Safe House by M. King

Subsurdity by Eric Arvin

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