New Rainbow Reviews

Another week over at Rainbow Reviews and only a few to report. Unfortunately I didn’t really like any of the offerings over there and I read a newly named duo (who I SWEAR is actually a pair of existing authors/duo).  So that’s not so much fun.  I also took a chance on a mystery sounding book, self published, before I realized the author was from Ravenous Romance. That’s ok but wow… self published is not always good sadly. But check the reviews out if interested :

Chasing Victory by Tory Temple

The Night Caller by Clancy Nacht

Unholy Matrimony by Audra Beagle and Chloe West


Coming up this week on the little blog here will be a couple of reviews. I have Patient Eyes, the new DSP and also an old Emily Veinglory historical. There will be one other new release and one other backlist review to round out the week. Additionally on Friday the pricing series will continue with Samhain – taking a short break from TQ part 2 – and on weds the hotly debated pseudonym post. Fun fun fun. 

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